STREET MAGIC – From David Blaine to David Lion – ISM 2011

Far from Criss Angel…Lion is him. Viral Mind Play (Illuminati) NOT!
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24. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @Moabubaker92 No demons idiot….just magic tricks. Pull yourself out of the 7th century already and stop blaming everything you dont understand on the devil….

  2. @LionismTV Donc tu parles français! Ton collier il sert a quoi? Pourquoi un soleil avec un lion sur ton chandail ?Es-tu un serviteur du temple du soleil ?D’horus? Si tu utilises de la “vrai magie” pourquoi pas l’utliliser pour faire le bien !Bon c’est quand même ton libre arbitre,tu fais ce que tu veux.Soit que tu es un bon “illusioniste” ou un initié aux forces occultes…Paix,amour et lumière.

  3. Shoryuken. Lol.

  4. Your pretty good, cant wait to see more.

  5. nu nu nu ,,,era tot un pumn ,,asta daca priviti atenti

  6. You must have some sort of contract with a jinn/demon.

  7. fake, they all know you

  8. David Blaine it’s better,your OK dow.

  9. @ LionismTV do you get your magic tricks from the jinn?

  10. how do people do this? i wanna learn


  12. the a coin in the bottle trick i know,great stuff.

  13. canadian rock!!

  14. @LionismTV Did you get your 100 bill back?

  15. Interesting, but you cannot do this stuff alone. You must have a some sort of contract/agreement with the sprits/demons.

  16. i know ur tricks lol.

  17. @waynested good to know, I appreciate it

  18. This was my fave out of all of the vids you did.

  19. I like the way how he says i do Magic not miracles WRONG.

  20. Wow that was amazing bruh
    you got some skills right cheya

  21. Great stuff!

  22. coool, you got some serious talent

  23. coool, you got some serious talent

  24. @sandy015
    Born n raised in Montreal!

  25. yo thats crazy, i assume that you are canadian

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