Subliminal Affirmations – Success Motivation

(3:33 min.) This affirmation video contains subliminal suggestions designed to help you become more productive in your daily life by encouraging motivation, goal setting, increasing confidence and promoting a positive success oriented outlook. For best results, view the video while reading each affirmation to yourself. For lasting results, watch to this recording at least once per day for at least three weeks at a time when you can relax fully. Do not listen to this recording while performing any activity that requires your complete concentration or if you have a seizure disorder. Enjoy! For free hypnosis downloads please visit our blog at Do you have a request for a guided hypnosis or subliminal video? Contact Sheilah and let her know. Thank you!

31. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @hellpal1992 You can listen to it whenever you wish and do not need to read the affirmations to yourself. Thinking about or visualizing that which you want to accomplish will strengthen your results.

  2. do you have to read the affirmations while listening? or can i listen to this on the bed, when im going to take a nap?

  3. @SheilahDavis i believe it’s instant. i know you said this 10 months ago but. 21 days is bs. you have the power to do it instantly. i did.i barely play video games anymore and thats where i want to be.

  4. I’ve enjoyed several of your videos Sheilah, thanks for the time & effort you put into making these. I’ve started watching them on a regular basis and honestly feel that they have made a difference in helping me study and inspiring me.
    *smiles & waves*

  5. great!

  6. I really like this and the timing is perfect for me to tap into it. I have a couple of major projects under way, and one under proposal.Tthe proposed one will see me get a major promotion (title and salary). I am focusing on this manifesting and this video will help ensure I am in the right frame of mind! Not having been very focused lately I have been asking the Universe for inspiration and guidance – this is part of the answer! With all my heartfelt gratitude – thank you!

  7. Thank You for posting!!!

  8. excellent work you have done and the fact that you put your stuff out there and leave open comments is a mark of pride and willingness to hear back from people both positive and negative alike … excellent

  9. This is absolutely great! Thank you 🙂

  10. @coffeescup It generally takes 21 days to change a habit and it is never too early to make up our minds to succeed. Feel free to contact me via private message, maybe I have another free recording that will help. Visualize your success!

  11. thank you. i like the knot btw. im listening everyday to help me w/ a very important challenge coming up in about 5 weeks. Is it better to wait for the 3 week mark?

  12. Please accept my sincerest thanks for your feedback. A noose would certainly give the wrong impression! So many people worry that sticking their neck out will backfire when really, taking risks helps them prepare for success. I’ll work on updating the video. Thanks again!

  13. its nice , but forgive me for saying, the reliable rope bit looked more like a noose!

  14. I like this. Thanks!

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