Symbols for Healing

Symbols are the language that our subconscious understands.

20. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Now THIS is a good idea

  2. Thank you…alkisits…so good…

  3. I look forward to our Skype session very much and finding a way to help me get rid of my Burning Mouth Syndrome. Thank -you sooo much for sharing your knowledge with the world Alkistis. Peace and Love, *S*

  4. I find all of your videos very very interesting and useful. I really learn a lot from your videos.
    Now, do you have a book which includes information from your videos? If any, I want to get one.

  5. Very good excercise! One thing that has always confused me, however, is that while we are using imagery for symbolism here, written words and sounds of lanuage are also symbols. As a dyslexic, these have always held some confusion for me. But I’ve always had a problem with the logic. If I can understand an image of something, I should be able to understand it’s defined symbol or word. Fascinating stuff

  6. Lion Trainers use Bullwhips…..( I like that)

  7. I”ve been wondering, what if I don’t have any problems in the external world or in my body, but still have problems? Will symbols help me heal those problems?

  8. this really work nice exercise .u r awesome alkalis.i really love u.

  9. Hi, Alkistis, one question: what tecnique can help me create a good name for an item for sale? Any advice or direction where to read about it. Thanks a lot.

  10. Visualize it regularly until the arrow is completely destroyed, burned, evaporated and you have seen its “remains” : dust….

  11. So interesting ! My symbol was red like kind of arrow but bent and the positive one were two hands distroying it! Question, should I vizualize this how many times per day? Only when I remember that bad thing?

  12. I mean on this planet…

  13. I think it will work in the form of a “fairy tale” co-created by the child. Will need to discuss with you over SKYPE for a more ‘professional’ approach.

  14. Brilliant, Alkistis!! This one brought me to tears. Love self hypnosis…meditation….so healing.

    I would love to know how to implement this work with behaviorally disturbed children in schools. Any suggestions?

  15. These videos have really helped me to think about problems/ issues on a deeper level. Rather than focus on changing things on the surface, fixing things on a deeper level. Excellent!

  16. Life I really want? got another planet?

  17. Very interesting exercise!! Thanks so much for sharing, Have a nice sunday.

  18. first comment
    I love u

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