Take Control Of Your Mind

Link – www.youtube.com Neuro-linguistic programming David Shephard
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19. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. The big possibilities for all. Wellcom to NSP.


  2. I can take control of my mind but when I open the tv and watch the news or hang out with negative people or I am limited by someone’s opinion, then what?
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  3. Zooooom!

  4. HOLY FUCK! when you mentioned the make your motivation into a dark dot and put in into a dark corner in your room, instead it making it go away, it simply focused on to that area of my room, which happened to be my dirty closet. I’VE LEARNED TO FOCUS MY MOTIVATION ONTO SPECIFIC OBJECTS AND TASKS WITH AN INSTINCTUAL DRIVE MAKING ME ACTUALLY WANT TO DO SAID ACTIVITY! like cleaning my room per say!

  5. Thanks this is helpful.especially the part about the sexy voice

  6. Are you trying to control my mind?

  7. Its so dam simple but it works lol

  8. nice video man!

  9. It is greater then this, in the past when Rome fell, the Church killed 50% of Europe over a 1000 years to make sure all the ones who knew the old ways were dead. Then they forced the young to obey and worship the evil jewish bible to make sure Europeans will never know god again. God is not separate form you high in the clouds. God is in you, and you are never alone, and you can never die. Keep you form this and force you to live in fear.

  10. You can use ZOOM….I’ll stick with my morning COFFEE!!!

  11. very cool video on training the brain. It takes learning, practicing, repitition to make changes. ITs not easy and cannot be done just on willpower. It takes learning(just like riding a bike), practice(hourly), and repitition(every single day for at least 30 days before real change occurs). Fantastic–thanks for sharing!

  12. hmm,

  13. watch?v=gYLRmar61bI


    Watch and Please Share “THE IDEA”

  14. Wonderful video 🙂

  15. that was a good experience mate, thanks. Clever.

  16. @hkdtech You aren’t tricking the mind because the mind knows it’s going on. All you are doing is telling your mind to relocate good and bad input to your advantage.

  17. V.M.Bronnikov method, 1 step “Ecology of the Spirit”:
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    * Mastering by the new tool in the life – phantom feelings;
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    * Ability to restore the vital forces…

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  19. I have never been motivated and I don’t have any voices in my head. It’s so hard for me! D:<

  20. I wonder if this is more about learning how to trick the mind rather than control it.

    For instance, I think I’m a bit of a fuckup. It seems to me that just about anything I do, I fuck it up.

    These exercises seem to be about tricking my mind into thinking I’m not a fuckup rather than just to stop thinking I’m a fuckup at all.

    In other words, isn’t all of this more akin to tricking my mind into thinking my red car is blue rather than just making the car blue?

    Is there a difference?

  21. That was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. zoom!

  23. That was spot on, I need more!!! Where can i find more? Oh its Youtube, on here i guess.

  24. Life Changing!

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