Talk Yourself Thin

Choose your words carefully to make weight loss easy.
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16. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. wow people are sooooooo negative on here.

  2. this shit better work * chokes on twinkie*

  3. Fantastic, thanks so much. 🙂

  4. Ok, but what if you’ve had TWO C-sections, and no matter how much weight you might lose, you’re still gonna have that disgusting bag of flab hangin’ off your mid-section, with no money for a tummy tuck? Kinda hard to get “excited” in that situation. :/

  5. Thts bullshit I’m sorry……………….if u wanna get thin go buy urselfba treadmill.

  6. I am excited to eat healthy food & to exercise. I love fruits & vegetables. I love saying no to the unhealthy food. I love getting up & enjoying the nice weather instead of staying inside. I am excited to see my body the way I want it & happy to leave the old me in the past. I am going to lose weight. I am going to eat right & exercise. I am going to turn down junk food. I am healthy & happy. I am in control of my weight. I am in control of my actions. I will lose weight & I will feel great.

  7. So excited to lose weight and live off celery and cottage cheese and cut out crusty baked bread. Mmmmmmmmmm delicious carrots. I just love to leave chocolate cake on the counter. It’s a joy to be the one who doesn’t have a biscuit when everyone else has one. I’m lucky to never eat chocolate.

  8. what flashed around 1:42?
    ‘talking yourself thin’ or something.
    what does that even mean?

  9. @LuluLiefdeHaat i know its like… no your just fat. lols

  10. i watched one. i fell asleep
    when i woke up i was in hospital with my arm almost severed

  11. @redxIsxForxAna 89 pounds but i got weight mediicine. so now im like 99ish

  12. @xxxrainkissxxx kilogram or pounds?

  13. @akiratohomiko big boned means bigger boned. built different. it’s not called. “FAT BONED.”

  14. @akiratohomiko LOL i know. i hate when people say their big boned XD

  15. Do TheDietSolution priciple and you will lose weight and feel great

  16. To everyone that has the “i’m big boned” excuse: I’ve never seen a fat skeleton..

  17. I’m 14 and I weigh 89 😛

  18. maybe i will try this ahaha 🙂

  19. It is so important not to post these videos that encourage self destruction

  20. have u ever been to anthony robinson?

  21. wow, the way we use words really does make a difference to the outcome, thanks!

  22. haha wow, i totally agree:D

  23. @Cheyannewhore im 5.9 and im 14 turning 15 lol O.O in about a month and i weigh 160pounds so your way to skinny and i dont look fat O.O

  24. im big boned also.
    im on atkins and ive lost 2 lbs so far but its so hrd for me cuz my dad is rlly fit and he can eat whatever he wants cuz he runs a lot so he buys so much junk food and its so hard for me to walk away from it when i know its in my house right there for me to eat

  25. Totally Agree!

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