Techniques of NLP

Techniques of NLP

NLP training course has become very popular across the globe. But what exactly is the Neuro-Linguistic Programming training? The NLP was propounded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They minutely studied the three world famous therapists namely Milton Erickson, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir. They wanted to understand the method followed by these therapists to see why they were so very effective. They wanted to use the same effective method to help other people overcome their obstacles.

If you are interested in NLP training course then you need to understand some of the oft used techniques and terms. The program uses certain techniques that make the course effective and helpful. But what are the techniques that are used?

The first NLP technique that is used is anchoring. It is basically the process of linking external stimuli to an internal response so that the response that is produced is fast and can be accessed again if wanted by activating the trigger. The second important technique is anchors. It can be consciously set up or it may occur naturally. They may be set up in all kinds of representative systems and can be used to control internal states, both positive and negative. Another vital NLP technique is staking anchors. In this case a particular anchor is linked to a series of events. This is done so that the intensity of response of the subject to one particular anchor becomes stronger.

The fourth important NLP technique that is used in NLP is the collapsing anchors. In this case two incompatible responses are triggered at the same time so that the negative states are reduced or neutralized all together. There is also chain anchor. Here a series of anchors are created so that the undesired state is converted to an intermediate state and then finally to the desired state.

Another technique is the associated state. This involves being totally involved in a state so that you can experience the kinesthetic that are involved. This includes looking at a particular thing from the point of view of the person concerned. There is also the disassociated state in which a past experience is recreated keeping in mind the perspective of the person concerned. The double kinesthetic disassociation is another important technique. Here you watch yourself watching a film of past experiences. This technique is used when the person has suffered extreme trauma or has a phobia of any kind.


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