The 39 Hidden Belief Systems of the Most Successful, Wealthy, and Happy People On Earth WARNING: If you have any health problems, especially diabetes, do NOT attempt any of the experiments in this video. See for the 39 hidden beliefs of the most successful, powerful, wealthy, and happy people on earth. Similar: Tony Robbins Topics: Psychology Self Hypnosis NLP Advanced “tony robbins” “anthony robbins” Psychology Self Hypnosis NLP Advanced growth “self help” “self improvement” “personal development”

29. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. I am being serious! Excellent content and quality video…

  2. @belshazzar1983 success is subjective & what you may consider success another may consider failure.

  3. @Elibobbob On the contrary, nothing ever stops changing, least of all people. Changing yourself is merely directing your course, rather than being undisciplined. Helping yourself in as many ways as possible leads to greater chances of success in endeavors that require planning and sustained effort. This is obvious

  4. @belshazzar1983 Ok, but first why would a person ‘believe’ that changing themselves is a good thing?

  5. @Elibobbob What if you believe that your beliefs make who you are? Then it works. Also, it makes you look like you are choosing to believe something which cripples your ability to believe in a way that lets you change yourself with your beliefs.

  6. The lemon story is interesting, because that too is just a BELIEF.. the lemon doesn’t create saliva, the saliva was already there, but by saying check your mouth for water, it just draws your attention to it.. thinking about lemons didn’t create the water, it just made you aware of it.. Same with the salt etc… this is making you believe in nonsense, also known as pseudoscience or bullshit.

  7. @TheGooberment It does affect body…I don’t know how much though….but you got to have Godly Imagination of doing those exercises yourself….so you need to try them first handedly so much that you will end up having dreams of doing those exercises. It’s unreliable method for newbie….unless you have that Godly Imagination naturally.

  8. OMG Steven Seagal!!!! O_O

  9. @amjan i’ve had a salt taste in my mouth for the whole day :'(

  10. @wiegerdv It worked with the salt for me as well.

  11. @StreamingKnowledge when in combat, your adrenaline and cortisol go up, and i believe both chemicals numb pain significantly.

  12. it only worked with the salt, i actually didnt wanna taste it. but when i did i actually tasted salt in my mouth :'(

  13. I killed myself in my mind with the knife. I dont like lemons.


  15. Isn’t it weird how everyone who gets shot in a combat zone doesn’t think they’re shot right away?

  16. The man is in a deep unconsciousness, projecting his own unconsciousness onto your own mind. Anybody who has been teaching of “success” is simply interested in nourishment of your ego, the same phenomenon which has been manufacturing one’s sufferings. You can be as “successful” as possible, yet have remained absolutely asleep and unconscious, knowing nothing whatsoever of yourself. And uneless one knows oneself, through and through, suffering is inevitable.

  17. You know. I’m not if this is related but I had a dream that I was holding my own baby girl. I was the father and the mother is a friend of mine. I was happy in the dream and so was the baby. I wasn’t disappointed that I had a baby girl. She had my face, but her mothers beautiful face and smile. She reminds me of my friend in a strange way. I felt it’s small body, smile, the soft skin, etc. It is a good dream.

  18. Thank you.

  19. If you believe you can fly and you try you’ll die……….or break your legs

  20. OMG I can’t believe I actually tasted the salt! How does that happen!?

  21. @DannySchackart hah! im pretty sure he was a captain the whole time! =)

  22. @TheGooberment try it. =p

  23. can i get ripped by imagining myself doing 1000s of exercises?

  24. brill love this site xxxx

  25. This is beautiful. Is it possible to join rawksoup without paying? Once there was a task how you could do that with journic. Thanks for Answering 🙂

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