The Basic Concepts of NLP Training Courses

The Basic Concepts of NLP Training Courses

Any learning program starts off with the basics. The basics of NLP courses may seem like it’s as easy as counting one to three. But really the implementation of these concepts is far more difficult than what meets the eye. If you want to understand some basic concepts of NLP, you should enroll in one of the NLP training courses and find out more about this revolutionary psychotherapy system.

Here are some basic principles of NLP training that you should know about.

Meta-Model. This is considered as the NLP maps of the world. Every person uses a meta-model to better cope up with the reality. Problems arise from having ineffective meta-models, not because the world is a sad place to live in. You have to understand that the world is not the cause of your problems because it merely exists. The main cause is the ineffectiveness of your subconscious meta-models. Meta-models have three processes namely, deletion, generalization, and distortion. Deletion allows you to remove external stimuli from your mind to focus on only one thing. This makes the world less overwhelming. Generalization is categorizing experiences and things to make them more organized and easy to deal with. Distortion is controlling or visualizing things or events that might or could happen.
Meta-Programs. These are mental filters that make you behave in a certain way and guide you in your actions. Meta-programs influence your decisions, motivations, preferences, and time management. This means that this is very important because it deals with almost every aspect of your personality. Although people think that these are what constitute your personality, it is just one part of the whole picture because these are just actions. There is more to personalities than your behaviors and actions. Concepts related to meta-programs include towards/away from, possibility/necessity, introvert/extrovert, logic/feeling, convincer filter, optimist/pessimist, internal/external, visual/auditory/kinesthetic/digital, foreground/background, and so on.
Modeling. This NLP training concept all about recreating or duplicating human excellence. This is more than just imitating actions or behaviors. This goes deeper than that because it also focuses on the underlying strategies used to achieve excellence. If you want to model a behavior or skill, you have to interview an expert in that skill. What makes it difficult is that the expert is usually unaware how his skill or excellence is achieved. He will probably say irrelevant habits or even superstitions like wearing his lucky shoes when doing his talent.

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