The case of the girl who lost her test anxiety in One Day – For many years Bonnie and her daughter’s teachers thought Gillian had a learning disability. One day it became apparent that test anxiety could be an underlying cause that was driving a lot of the problems. When Gillian was in the testing situation everything seemed to be going fine. But sometimes Gillian would, as she described it “freak out”. When Gillian came to see me we discovered that on the times that she “freaked out” what was really going on with this. If she had a thought that the other kids were ahead of her in the test it would start a cascading set of thoughts that would lead her to amp-up her anxiety level so high that she could not function. This was the “freak out” that she described. Using a powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique I was able to isolate the problem. Then teach Gillian how to reprogram her mind so the “freak out” never happened again. To make it better than that each time a “freak out” was triggered instead of making her feel anxious it made her feel and believe that she was; powerful, highly focused, and felt she could not fail. Find out more about creating dramatic changes using powerful NLP techniques at our websites and Umar Hameed is the founder of productivity cubed and the director of education at the Baltimore/Washington Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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