The Day I Died : Near-Death Experience Science Documentary (2003) Part 3

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  1. Died and Resurrected on the 3rd day

  2. @latehare1 “She is going to be left behind in her views, you can see it happening now in fact”.

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s almost like she hates the idea of it being a real experience to the point of making things up to flat out lying to total denial. While not everyone reports an NDE for 1 reason or another…maybe they just didn’t remember or maybe they just didn’t want to talk about it & said they didn’t have one…who knows right? But I believe in the end we’ll all have that experience.

  3. @latehare1 Too right!

  4. @Redskin1040 Dr Blackmoore is going to look like an idiot in about 5 years time when even more research has been done and there can absolutely be no denying that the OBE/NDE is real. She is going to be left behind in her views, you can see it happening now in fact.

  5. @spiritualscientific Where I find Blackmoore laughable is where she refuses to address any of the hard questions like: How do people have sight during their NDE when they were born blind? How do people give accurate accounts of what was happening while they were clinically dead? It’s almost like she has a vendetta against NDEs being real. I think she’s drowning in the sea of denial. Most other people are seeing the same thing in her.

  6. @spiritualscientific they were actually there (i.e absolutely not dreaming). Thank you Dr Morse so much for your comment I shall research further into Dr Whinnery’s work 🙂

  7. @spiritualscientific I think the BBC deliberately had to have someone who had an opposing view in order to produce the programme from a balanced perspective. However I am totally convinced in NDE’s, have had phenomena happen to me, an NDE I have recovered through hypnosis, I experience a lot of deja-vu, have a friend who’s been struck by lighting three times and a number of friends who’ve had Out Of Body Experiences where they’ve seen themselves from the ceiling as if

  8. Dr Blackmore is not familiar with the literature. Dr Jim Whinnery experimentally induced near death experiences in fighter pilots as part of his research on the effects of G forces on the brain. He was able to vary the lengths of his centrifuge runs and showed nicely that in fact the experience occurs at the point of death.

    Melvin L Morse MD

  9. Well, well. How conveniently Dr. Blackmoore dismisses the out of body experience as a halucination. How then can she explain what the patient saw in detail that was going on around the room behind the backs of the staff that were working on him and blocking his field of vision while in a coma?

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