The Day I Died : Near-Death Experience Science Documentary (2003) Part 6

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01. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. to DAH210774…. 🙂

  2. @marydposey Thank you sharing that Mary. Blessings to you. I love this video, I watched it first on the BBC in Spring 2003 which changed my life positively forever.

  3. I have been interested in Near Death Experiences for many years. I know this thing we call “death” is not death at all, but a graduation from this life into “all the rest” of our life. Since that graduation time is getting closer and closer for me, it helps me to feel no fear to hear of these Near Death Experiences. I have played this video over and over. Bless you all.

  4. Whether my near-death experience of being in a meadow with a Spiritual Being and being asked if I wanted to ‘come home or not’ was ‘real’ it has led me out of fear and into love. The anthesis of fear. Thanks for your comments, I wish you well. Namaste 🙂

  5. @chulacandy I have found it’s better to be Open rather than anything at all. We have no idea what it’s all about really, but yes this is mind-boggling lol for sure. I had a near death experience which I obviously survived but can only recall it in hypnosis as I was comatose for 20 hours after an overdose many years ago after chronic health problems that had been with me for most of my life led me to take an overdose.

  6. I’m an atheist…but some of this is really mind boggling

  7. @learning112233 Yes it was 🙂

  8. was this last part ????

  9. Thanx for uploading this! Added it to my NDE playlist.

  10. @Grynomite44 You’re very welcome! Namaste 🙂

  11. Wonderful! thank you!

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