The Dynamic Enneagram – Introduction – Tom Condon

If you are a student of the Enneagram or just want to learn how to apply the system’s insights and diagnostic power, these DVDs are for you. Edited from Thomas Condon’s Lifethemes workshops, the tapes offer a powerful new vision of the Enneagram plus clear demonstrations of its potential as a tool for personal growth. Combining the spontaneity and excitement of a live workshop, The Dynamic Enneagram presents an NLP-based perspective that moves the Enneagram from theory into practice. You’ll see personality styles in action and learn ways to use the Enneagram to transcend limits, solve problems and truly grow and change. On this video discover how your personality style is many things at once-a hypnotic trance, a strategy for making sense of reality, a skill, a story you tell yourself, a host of talents, a set of defenses and an array of potentials. An excerpt of a longer video. For this and other videos, audio Tom Condon works with Enneagram style number Eight using NLP and Ericksonian hypnotic patterns. Approximately 4 minutes of a longer video. For this and other videos, audio programs and books visit Free articles and podcasts are available as well.
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20. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. The Enneagram is bogus. The only reason why it “works” for some is that, like anything out there, there is some truth to it. If anyone wants to know the real history behind it and why it’s bogus, check out the article from Fr. Mitch Pacwa titled “Enneagram: A Modern Myth”. He gives names behind it’s creation and uses sound reasoning to debunk it. I would encourage all to read it. The article is available for free on the internet.

  2. @ideasforfeeling – hard to seperate Tom from Ennegram. Tom has alot of three in him. for a 6 with people they merged with – emulate – football teams, or religions, its (bleeping) impossible to want to sit thru a perspective – that asks you to lose your goodies.. that make up who you are. this model ( i have concluded) works well in buisness, or getting what you want. IdeasFF – you may just want this nugget of info all to yourself. What block are you controling, I’ll take the other.

  3. My name is Tom Condon, too. Cool.

  4. trc this made me smile! pretty cool. congrats.

  5. lol !

  6. Ok, I will have a really good look into it.

    As I promised, no debating. Just an open heart and mind as I wander around just taking in the aspects of your minds eye view 🙂

    Thanks for your willingness here once again to spare me some of your time, teneo.

  7. I can understand how it looks like pop psych, but believe me, it’s much more than that. If you go to the Enneagram Institute and go on their discussion board forums, than you’ll find quite a few intellectual giants that you could discuss it with. There’s alot more to the Enneagram than it appears at first glance.

  8. Hello there.
    I have to say that as I suspected, there is nothing new for me in this. You see, if you’re like me and you look for truth via unification of observations at a particular level of utility, then you get the insights mentioned in this video.

    To me it looks like popular psychology. No insights here that I have not already found by honest search for 360 degree truth.

    Just to enquire, do you see limitations of the enneagram for psychological insight, or is this ‘it’ for you?

  9. These are great videos.

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