The Dynamic Enneagram – Tom Condon on Fives, Sixes, Sevens

In this DVD, Tom offers unique insights into the dynamics of Enneagram styles Five, Six & Seven, detailing their shared childhood themes, emotional habits, sensory strategies and world views. An excerpt of a longer video. For this and other videos, audio programs and books visit Free articles and podcasts are available as well.
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28. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @jtuturic Mitch is an ultra-conservative catholic theologian who deliberately misrepresents the enneagram in order to satisfy his dogmatic presuppositions. I think it is deliberate because no Jesuit is that stupid. He is influential with some catholic bishops. I am a catholic theologian and his theological concerns (that permeate his assumptions) are anything but “sound,” except in the Shakespearean sense of “sound and fury.”

  2. The Enneagram is bogus. The only reason why it “works” for some is that, like anything out there, there is some truth to it. If anyone wants to know the real history behind it and why it’s bogus, check out the article from Fr. Mitch Pacwa titled “Enneagram: A Modern Myth”. He gives names behind it’s creation and uses sound reasoning to debunk it. I would encourage all to read it. The article is available for free on the internet.

  3. i’m a five, social outing scare the shit out of me.

  4. Thank you for this.

  5. Yes but think of it this way. You live in a neighborhood with 9 houses. One of those houses are yours. While it is true that you may visit the other houses for a bbq or a cup of tea, or just to chat, you will always feel most comfortable in your own home. The enneagram is like that too, while you can act like any of the 9 types some of the time, you will act like 1 of the types MOST of the time

  6. I haven’t yet watched Tom Condon’s other videos, but he’s so uncannily “right on” with his description (of my experience as a five, anyway) that I’m suspecting, strongly, that he’s a five too. On the other hand, he may have this insight about the other “numbers” too. I’ll have to go “research” this!

  7. while the will vacillates and shimmers in ambiguity and paralysis…and the sense that power resides “out there”… I don’t even know where this sentence begins or ends, but it’s exhausting being a five. Endless self-consciousness, a nervous shaky dance with the the non-negotiable and overwhelming, clearly prevailing and superior expectations of others… I can’t breathe.

  8. until the compulsion to hide from endless expectations spoken by “those in the know” and “the ones who’re (probably) right” by becoming reclusive, or conducting endless internet research, or amassing a library that’s taken over a large farmhouse (crowding people out),

  9. The hypersensitivity to a non-negotiable world’s needs, a will that’s not my own, a permeable skin that’s not waterproof, boundaries so unclear, so “up to someone/something else,”

  10. I’ve never had my trance described so well, or had my every waking thought simply echoed, and my paralysis and acquiescence so niftily pictured…in short, my dilemma, and the hermetic isolation I’ve chosen in my mid-50s, after decades of labor-intensive grappling with the non-negotiable world’s expectations, so clearly revealed. My god. Here’s the internal voice I’ve heard since I was three. Exhausting. Lonely.

  11. yup

  12. don’t we all now and then match any of these numbers though?

  13. Actually 7.

  14. I’m either a 5 or a 7.

  15. I’m either a 5 or a 7.

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