The forgiveness process part 1/3

NOW THE WHOLE MOVIE AT: Guess what! i posted the WHOLE video at one of my sites Check out: It’s about 38 minutes. The excellent foregiveness process by Chris Howard allows us to let go of relationships that no longer serve us

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  1. universal events dot com dot au

  2. Yes this is an amazing process that I use it all the time.. and it WORKS!! You can buy this whole DVD through Universal Events or by attending Chris’s Breakthrough To Success weekend.

  3. This guy is crazy, full of bullshit, useless, why not listen to someone who really made success such as Obama and learn from him! Waste of money and time!

  4. Chris Howard is AWESOME! I Love this guy and his seminars are so much fun and full of energy – really changed my life!

  5. where’s part 3 please? i went to your website but was not able to get the video to stream.

  6. I have attended this Sydney NLP seminar. It looked fine initially but soon. They kept telling how wonderful their “other home study course were”. Rather kept telling motivational stories of famous people like Oprah, Gandhi etc. When you are in auditorium you feel good but after you come out and analyse if there is any change in your life ; answer comes negative. anyway the guy is great speaker and is world famous. You might give soem try.

  7. Dear all, Can somebody help me with the music that is played. I went to the breakthrough this weekend in London and it was great. But the music they played during the healing I like to get. Many thanks,

  8. eggtoc…it has to be said i read your comments and obviously you are very ignorant….and have no spiritual evolvement… your home work…as Chris Howard is the most cutting edge NLP expert in the world today…….

  9. I love this guy! He is fun,energetic and whitty in his presentations. Chris is a real support and motivator for getting you started in taking action to move you forwards to whatever it is you want. As I said he may assist you in the first few steps however its all really up to you anyway. No one can do the work for you. Check him out, you can;t not! V cute also.

  10. Yes he earns a heap of money, however the amount of hours he puts in…along with the knowlege and skills he implements he totally deserves it. If you had a purposeful product and helped people whilst getting paid heaps of money I’m sure you would lap it up to,wouln’t you agree???

  11. The guy has to sell something but none of it is revolutionary. I believe a lot of his material has simply been ripped off or modified from from Dr. Jonathan Parker and even Anthony Robbins. I might start up my own seminars, just give me your money and go out and buy Richard Branson books to “saturate yourself”. Notice they always want to give something back, but its never the money.

  12. This guy makes a ton of money from weak minded individuals who can’t follow their dreams because they limited themselves. What a joke, “your relationships are here to serve you”, yeah sure cast off your friends because they have beliefs that conflict or are different than yours, what garbage.

  13. The power of forgiveness is life changing, when we are ready to forgive ourselves it is easy to forgive others.

  14. I’ve read numerous NLP books and never came across this pattern, which has worked wonders for me. It works for ANY type of negative energies. Although I like Chris’s pattern, I suggest you be creative and keep modifying this version until you create a version that really hits home with you.

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