“The key in finding your success is the one that is engraved in your heart and that is the love you have for yourself” This was first thing that comes in to my mind when I graduated from College. I was feeling quite depressed in landing a job and I suddenly felt a twinge in my stomach and it was fear. I dread a lot of things since I was in High School. I dread the people who think that they are above anyone else. I also dread the people who belittle themselves. I was neither of the group. I was in the middle of the pack and for that moment I was fine with it until I had same encounters when I was in College. That is the time when I learned to stood up even though it is really hard. That is also the time when I became a confidant and sort of a counselor to my friends. I became attached with Psychology and that forges on until now. The reason why I am writing this article is to be able to extend the little thoughts I have in the head to the people who find difficulties in searching for their true goals in life. Some of them were putted on this kind of situation because of their past bad experiences. The center of this discussion is on the subject of NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming.


NLP is a program that is under the field of Psychology, in which the people who undergoes it will find an encouragement for them to be able to set aside their unpleasant experiences and begin to think again that there is something to be hoped for in the future. Here are some of the important things that you need to know about NLP. NLP offers courses and the choice in which to take is in you and your NLP Coach. You can buy NLP DVD’s and books in order to expound your knowledge on the subject. NLP is for everybody. Even the successful people you know can also undergo such training in order to keep their mind on-track. Motivation and focus in the key for the success of this program. The NLP Practitioners will render their services but you, on the other hand, must give your fullest effort. NLP program uses Modeling and language to achieve their goals of making your life better. Modeling is a procedure in which the steps that a successful person used will be discussed and be used as enforcement.

If you choose to open up your hear and set up your mind in this kind of program, the rest of your future would be in your control.  If you want to see yourself in the future sitting next to the famous ones, you must always remember that motivation and focus is an important factor of gaining power and respect. Not everything in life comes in easy package. Sometimes you need to accept the fact that you need help to get another chance in things.


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