The Purpose of Pacing and Leading

When you can connect with others on both conscious and unconscious levels, the benefits of establishing rapport begin to emerge. One rapport phenomena is referred to as “pacing and leading”, which can enable you to guide others to more resourceful states in both personal and professional aspects of life. Section 1 of NLP Comprehensive’s “The Living Encyclopedia of NLP” (37DVDs + a complete Practitioner’s manual, and online certification options) teaches the finer details of establishing and maintaining rapport with exercises for you to develop greater capailities within yourself. NLP Comprehensive
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26. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. I’ve found that pacing and leading is invaluable. It’s such a brilliant principle and it creates wonderful results. I think Tom’s explanation of pacing states and leading is a wonderful aspect that can be used in truly any context. I think also that matching and mirroring is a pretty outdated approach and is no longer necessary because of the vast ways we now know how to pace someone more effectively through truisms etc. Brilliant stuff!!

  2. they call him Best for a reason….

  3. Very nice

  4. I trained with Tom Best in 1983, and this is a fine brief on pacing and leading, using “other than conscious” cues.

  5. wow

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