The Secret to Time Travel – Using Your Mind as a Time Machine Anthony talks about how to use your mind as a time machine to heal your past, transform your present and create your ideal future.
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24. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. sorry JuanJohnJerry, even if we could travel in time the past cannot be changed.

  2. @SatoshiTheHalfJapMan no….yes..

  3. Ok did anyone just come because of American dad I think this guy us kinda crazy/right/high might try going backin time

  4. note to self: NEVER take video titles literally

  5. @minyguy how do you do it?

  6. I like Burt Goldman’s program. I have bought several of his.

  7. @minyguy how far ahead have you seen and is it good or bad

  8. @minyguy so how is the future good or bad and how fart ahead have you seen?

  9. @minyguy really?

  10. Sounds alot like burt golmans quantum jumping. Thoughts on his program?

  11. Did you know that your brain can download information about stuff that you’ve never learned about? 🙂

  12. I wish I could go back to the 80’s xD
    Or, go back to the morning of 9/11 and RPG those planes before they hit the towers xD

  13. @minyguy wen i see the future in my dreams its always wen i get high. nd i had a dream that red dots wer in the sky and came down. have u had a dream like that????

  14. @minyguy I can 2! Actually, I believe everybody can, at some level. I see one still perfectly accurate image, how ’bout u?

  15. thumbs up if american dad brought you here

  16. @garysaran Thanks so much Gary

  17. its like Buddha teaching,..

  18. @minyguy Well if i didn’t have dreams that had came true many times i would say your crazyer then a shit house rat but i know it’s true..

  19. Traveling in speed of light lets you travel in time. I think our thoughts can reach the speed of light and let us see the future in our dreams.

  20. @blueprintwizard This is exactly right. Even if I am there in another dimension, what am I going to do to escape this dimension! Glad to know someone else who wishes for the same thing. 🙂

  21. @wouldntyoulike2know my goodness! i want to wake up some time in the good ole 60’s and die in 70’s in order not to see all the today’s crap, but there is a possibility that all our imaginings live out in another dimension but what do i care for another dimension?

  22. This doesn’t sound probable, it sounds absurd. I only have to mention the lawsuites against psychiatrists who planted FALSE memories in their patients minds. If a memory is false and never happened, it’s clear that memories are not grasped from a timeline but recalled from our brains storage. Second, memories get mixed up. If we would be time travelling, than our memories would be more accurate.

  23. Bieber fever!.lol

  24. lets go back in time and stop Rebecca Black from being born.

  25. wow this is amazing, I am a businessman from Canada and I used this concept for almost a month. It actually working. Now I am starting a second business and expecting to start a third business in Feb 2012. Thanks Anthony.

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