The Space Cowboy: ‘Mind Bending’

The Space Cowboy regularly performs some of the most direct and precise thought reading emonstrations that can be found in the world today. Through various forms of psychology, hypnosis, educated intuition, perceptual manipulation and control of mind versus matter, you can see him actually read people’s thoughts, literally control their actions, and without visible contact bend and warp metal objects in their hands. The Space Cowboy’s world class solo “mind reading” act, MIND BENDING’, includes drawing pictures from spectators minds, bending spoons and wine glasses in their hands and other demonstrations… some to bizarre to describe in print.

25. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I met him in Ireland yesterday, hes actually so talented and has a great sense of humor 😛

  2. Mmm I love him, i always see him at the fringe. So sexy.

  3. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO SEXY!! I love you very very much! I AM SOOO OBSESSED WITH YOU!!!!

  4. Excellent 😉

  5. omg i saw him with my sis at the sydney easter show hes so awesome

  6. I met him in Edinburgh this year at the Fringe festival, he is a really nice guy, and is very talented.

  7. I have a fork bent by the Space Cowboy ;D
    He is pure epicness.

  8. i met him at the easter show, sooo nice he took a luvo pic with us, just too funny.

  9. wat a champ, came to my shop today at burp and left my family in awe with his magic.

  10. Can´t agree more!

  11. i remember when you were here in ireland, ur awesome!! 😀

  12. i met the space cowboy in new zealand he’s soooooooo cool

  13. I met SpaceCowboy at The Mutant Barnyard

  14. I love this video, its so awesome but messes with my head lol.

  15. Fun vid!

  16. this guy is the sexiest man on earth. I met him once. He’s also a really nice guy.

  17. holy..*8**#

  18. where can you learn this stuff?

  19. love the space cowboy! what a dude, deadly video!

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