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15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @unimagic15 You got it!

  2. Great vid. Thanx! Based on what you said at 6:50, im guessing that you were at one point a boyscout or scout leader. Its a little off topic but i think it may be true.

  3. The structure of effective suggestions is truth. When someone feels what you’re saying is true/valid then it’s accepted. If it didn’t feel that way, it’ll bounce off immediately. The structure is understanding what is true for someone and then crafting your suggestions around those truths. It’s more than pacing. It’s a matter of making every suggestion a pacing suggestion but doing it in a way that guides them down the road. No difference between pacing and leading. It should blend.

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  5. this man is right on.

  6. Great video. I am curious though, do you ever have someone who comes in for multiple issues? Like lets say someone has back pain, smoke cigerrettes, smoke marijuana, and low self esteem issues. *Just named 4 random things* Do you work on one thing at a time, or, do you try to work at them all at once? Just wondering, because usually people have more than one issue with themselves.

    BTW, youre videos are very relaxing, educational, and fun to watch. 5/5

  7. The subtle voice changes plus analogue marking, who noticed that during the video.? Great work..

  8. nlp is very usefull I’ve used it many a time!! lol good times

  9. As always, excellent information! This is stuff that every hypnotist can benfit from yet some of it isn’t even covered in many training programs!

  10. NLP is GOD

  11. Very good

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