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Visit to get a Free Ebook on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This documentary on Tapping features energy and abundance experts such as Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carol Look, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson and more.
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25. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. You can certainly conquer many different fears by doing EFT by yourself. Some people can do lots more. When U have Chronic Illness, allergies, chronic negativity, Addictions & other situations U can be what is called ‘reversed’. P.R. or Psychological Reversal to change happens when the subconscious is exactly that, resistant to change. That’s when an EFT practitioner can really help U. People who say things like “I try to quit smoking or try to lose wt” They self sabotage themselves have ‘P.R.’

  2. EFT has helped me in numerous ways. The one I am most proud of? Quitting smoking. This is my upteenth time quitting smoking and by day one I would be fiending for a cigarette. It’s now going on week 4 and feeling really good. No cravings. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this gift! I am immensely grateful.

  3. I look forward to receiving my material and start sharing with others, as soon as I apply it to self.

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  6. Joe Vitale is also amazing, i found his free video collection at money2freedom(.com)
    These people are the true leaders of this planet, I learned the law of attraction and it changed my life forever.

  7. God help anyone who can believe this rubbish. When we belch or break wind we set up a vibration. Do we not have to be careful to set up the right vibrations in this way if we are trying to attract success?

  8. Excellent, except again, the speaking is hard to hear well.

  9. This works for many people, AND many need professional support and guidance in order to achieve deep healing. EFT can bring up traumatic memories into your awareness and without the support of a therapist, it can feel too scary to continue tapping. Most of us are programmed to feel guilty when we show unpleasant feelings. A therapist can help you accept and appreciate the value of those feelings, which is necessary for true healing to occur.

  10. Bob Proctor is such a great teacher! I shape all my teachings around his.

  11. @Janpickett I think they do want help but it’s sometimes difficult for people to overcome their belief systems and believe something new.

  12. I get smiles from people when I tell them about eft but no one seems to even try it to see for themselves how it works. I’ve had some success but in some other problems it’s not working yet and I’ve been doing it for a good week.

  13. @mertles02 yeah, the same film’s got two different titles
    don’t ask me why…

  14. i hope this is the real deal here. we need this badly…

  15. is this exactly the same film as ‘Try it on everything’?

  16. I just watched this whole DVD and its phenomenal. As Jan said below, its so hard to get people to check it out. Even I dragged my feet to watch it. I felt dumb for having waited so long. The techniques and teachings in the DVD are something you’ll always have with you. I know i’ve called upon them several times since watching it. Great job guys.

  17. It’s wonderful for those of us who know this, but my goodness, I have tried convincing others and that s so hard. So many just don’t REALLY want help

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