The Weight Loss and Water Secret

3 Reasons why water is so valuable to permanent weight loss.
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17. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. awesome, thanks so much to posting such a great info,
    if i may add my view: plenty of good preferably fresh tap water, watch out if Your country ads fluoride as it does not evaporate when left in the keg, as oposed to chloride in euorpe,

    change food addiction into sport addiction, find a sport You like,
    and what is very important if the glands are working, the ones in the neck, (any comments on this?)

  2. @biggoblyds yes

  3. are you basicly saying that all i need to do to loose weight is keep drinking water ?

  4. Hi hypnojim, thanks for the tips I truly say, helping America be fit,is awesome today. My question for you is..I’m not a real water drinker, it’s boring no taste,I say, so I replaced it with Cystal Light,its delicious, I drink the pink lemonade almost everyday. Is this drink alright replacing water I say?, can this be bad for my body please help a.s.a.p ok =)

  5. @RAMSEY1987 no. in compared to sugar containing drinks of course it relaxes muscles, like green tea. its all relative.

  6. @namejacked oh thanks! wow-i’ll try that

  7. @Ayumura96 dont do that its insanly counter productive. if u eat less for about a week your stomach will shrink and u will find u will be full faster. chuging water will keep ur stomach expanded and make u feel hungrier

  8. what the hell is this? water relaxes muscle? this is not true. there is no one in the western world that is dangerously dehydrated. water does not help your body relax. or help you think, or make you feel calm. seriously this is non sense

  9. And water is good for your skin, great for people with acne problem, drink 2 bottles a day and watch your skin clear up…..

  10. whenever i’m hungry, i chug a whole liter of water and i’m totally full

  11. or we’re 70 percent water because we really Don’t need all that water at all. People live in the desert don’t they? think they drink gallons of water a day? your body will tell you what it needs..just listen

  12. I got thirsty when I heard the water in the background great video

  13. Water Water Water! We’re 70 % water… you think we don’t need it? Right we don- No. Stop being ignorant we do. It’s right he’s right,, hes awesome. Im gonna drink more water. Thanks so much!

  14. a big majority of people do not drink enough water now a days as well as obsess over food, think too deeply while hungry, get creative and want tastier and fattier foods.

    While the same people who get obsessive over fatty foods can turn that into obsessive diets and put their bodies through so much damage.

    I can already see some taking this the wrong way, misusing the idea of correcting a diet that lacks water and turning it into a water binge and this can be deadly..

    Consume Responsibly?..

  15. your an idiot….why are black niggers commenting on these things. Everything he said is proven fact if you study biology you will understand but i dont expect your monkey nigger ass to do that so go collect your welfare check

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  18. tht video is not so good. it only sounds good cause u feel like u dun need to worry about drinking water but actually its important.

    i feel that dat video is misleading. true in some ways, but generally misleading.

  19. Very nice.. I hope I can drink more water

  20. Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    LMAO, I gave you the thumbs up for that shit…..?

  21. just like a flower, no water it gets dry…we are just flower in need of water 🙂

  22. it’s SOOO true. I like how you’re not trying to sell anything, you’re just giving a straight up fact with good reasoning to back it up.

  23. Good.

  24. Water is nature’s kool-aid! Yay for H20!

  25. +1 agree

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