Therapeutic Metaphors Used in NLP Training Courses

Therapeutic Metaphors Used in NLP Training Courses

To begin, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a new yet notorious new system used in psychotherapy and widely applied to organizational change. This method is driven by increasing interpersonal communication within an organization or may be taken or used for self-improvement. Much of the methods used is concerned mainly with the relationship between successful systems of behaviour and possibly subjective understandings that have been experience by the person. Learning through NLP training courses is further regarded as an alternative method of therapy which is concentrated heavily on educating people on effectivity, self-awareness, and overall personal, emotional and mental behaviour.

A common method used in NLP training courses and sessions are therapeutic metaphors. These are events that happen in a creative representation done by the patient or the student with equivalents to the real events in a person’s life. Usually, these events often compromise the entire problem or issue of the person. It is imperative to a session that the leader would take note of these metaphoric situations and processes to be able to use them in a positive note. In using these metaphors for therapy, one must remember to keep them within the bounds of the usage of the patient or student but careful enough as to not directly represent or duplicate the situation and act of the patient. In doing so, this allows the patient himself to find and identify the certain aspects in the metaphor that they could more closely relate themselves to and their situation without any intrusive intervention done by the leader or the therapist.

This method relies heavily on an unconscious matching process, called isomorphic metaphors, so that the patient would have the realizations by themselves by stopping the natural instincts to consciously interpret a story and filter out the possible changes or morals that it may have. This is called internal resistance which is an enemy of the NLP training process. It is best that the patient finds the similarity to the structure of the elements and the form of the two metaphors. Remember, NLP training courses are there to help the individuals help themselves from within.

By learning Neuro Linguistic Programming, you will be able to accomplish more that you could ever imagine possible. Another great thing about going through NLP training courses is the fact that you will not only be able to help yourself, but you can also help other people to live better lives.

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