Timeline Imagery Workshop – Time-based NLP Patterns and Techniques

attentionshifting.myshopify.com www.michaeljemery.com http Have you ever wished you could put a past experience behind you and be free from it forever? Are there behaviors or events that you seem to keep repeating and you know that it would make a tremendous difference in your life to be able to choose something different for your future? Taught in the style of a personal breakthrough session, this workshop will train you how to linguistically guide people through Timeline Imagery™ in a way that will free them from limiting beliefs and experiences. You will experience for yourself the benefits of Timeline Imagery™ and be trained how to cause others to experience Timeline Imagery™ in both a therapeutic setting and in casual conversation.

19. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @mosszaphod if you go to my online store (the link is in the video summary), you’ll be able to download the 230 minute audio recording, the 66 page ebook, and also 50 minutes of binaural beat frequency music that was used the background music.

  2. five stars from me, michael, wonderful video. Amy

  3. Do you have any seminars, mp3’s or videos on how to do Time Line Therapy?

  4. Very interesting theme!!! 5*****

  5. Interesting. Nice Job!

  6. wow.. great video.. Thanks for sharing.. very useful and helpful..

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