Tips To Sharpen Your NLP Skills

Tips To Sharpen Your NLP Skills

If you have found out about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in a book, or you have been given professional training in NLP, it is definitely worth enhancing your NLP skills. As soon as you include NLP skills into your everyday living, you give yourself more options about how you live . In effect, NLP gives you the resources and techniques to completely transform your relationships, your interaction with others and to shine in whatever you intend to accomplish.


One of the things you will frequently hear spoken about with respect to NLP skills is resource states. What if you could wave a metaphorical magic wand and feel any way you want to feel, as soon as you want. How marvelous would that be!


You understand that there are times when we wish that we could behave in a different way. You will possibly identify with those who suffer from stage fright. Even thinking about it ahead of time, we can change ourselves into nervous wrecks. Our imaginations run riot as we review all the other situations when we have felt stressed, and then they ramp up all those bad feelings, secure in the knowledge that it is destined to recur. And hence, it is somewhat a self-fulfilling phophecy.


You can notice from the example that we actually practise getting into undesirable resource states, such as feeling stressed, on a regular basis. Despite the fact that these states are not especially helpful, we evidently know well the process of state induction and there is no reason why we should not apply the same process to prompt constructive resource states.


And so, what type of emotional state would be helpful in this situation? The choice is yours, but it would most likely be handy to be self-assured and relaxed. Well, you do already know what it is like to be like this. All you have to do, as before in negative circumstances, is to recall all the instances when you felt serene and self-confident and make it as authentic as you can. Recollect everything about it, from how you was standing, how you were breathing, how you felt, what you noticed and what you heard back then.


In the unlikely event that you are not able to recollect any events when you felt the kind of states that you are intending to access, then you probably know an individual who is a role model for you, who you can impersonate. Maybe you know them personally or they are a public figure, and you can effortlessly visualize how they would tackle your situation and act as they would. See, hear and sense as they would and replicate their behavior.


When you have achieved the desired state, ramp it up to make it as vivid and appealing as possible. This is where one of your other NLP skills comes into play. This is called anchoring. In this case, an anchor is a trigger for the state change. So, when you are fully experiencing the state such as calm and confident, that you want to re-induce in the future, you could, for example, scratch the back of your neck or squeeze together the thumb and index finger of your right hand; it is your choice. In this way, the chosen action becomes part of the calm and confident state. So, when you do the trigger action again, for example, as you think about or enter the situation where you would previously have been nervous, you naturally enter the desired resource state.

You are most likely now realizing the value of practising the NLP skills of producing resource states and anchoring. These are NLP techniques that you can apply to all areas of your life. Of course, the benefit of perfecting these skills is that the ensuing states will significantly enhance your communication skills and have a favorable impact on the other people that you come into contact with.

Amelia Klein has been practising NLP and investigating improving memory for many years and has written articles about them both. To learn more about improving your NLP skills, click this link: NLP skills.

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