Toilet Phobia (Paruresis) Shy Bladder Syndrome – Part 1 Part2Above Shocking fear of urinals cured by Nik & Eva Speakman.
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25. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @rb1003 you freaking idiot

  2. im a girl and i have this. people dont realize that many girls have this too. its not always about the urinals with guys…

  3. Whoa i didnt know that this is counted as a phobia!! I am also bladder shy!! Whoa i have a phobia??

  4. im in the girls restroom i saw a sloan auto flush its scares me eg japan toilet waslet and a america toilets vacunm airplane and a squat tilet

  5. @MultiCARTOON Me too. I remember in grade 1 the teacher had to put a piece of paper over the censor. Once it fell off, I started to cry in the bathroom, and the teacher came in and saw me with my drawers down. I hear you, bro.

  6. LES BOKA: “DEN PISSTRENGTE SOLDAT”; SANNHETEN OM DET NORSKE FORSVARET OG DEN NORSKE “RETTSSTATEN”. I “rettsstaten” Norge blir menn som lider av PARURESIS satt i fengsel dersom de ikke møter til militærtjeneste. I Norge er det ingen menneskerett at man skal få late vannet. Som menig soldat risikerer man å måtte lide seg gjennom førstegangstjenesten pga. PARURESIS. Det er direkte tortur og soldaten må regne med å pådra seg senskader, f.eks. svekket muskulatur i blære.

  7. if you cant go, don’t go.

  8. i am 20 yrs old and am still afraid of auto flush toilet, since when i was a kid that the first start is in USA i aways fear of auto flush. Now im fear of flush

  9. @kudjo24 In fact there is a cure… or rather an idea for a cure I found out. The fact of peeing is being able to send a straight, electric signal to a certain part of your brain, making it loose the bladder and let the urine out. If you have paruresis, this electric signal nerve is damaged and doesn’t work properly. So if you were able to send a specfic impulse to this part of brain, by using a little device or something, the problem would be gone.

  10. I used to have it for a year or two, but it’s gone now. I seriously do think that they make this phobia seem too serious in this programme. Paruresis, as all other fears, is unrational. And we must eliminate unrational fears.

  11. The more you go to public toilets the better you will overcome this

  12. I have this

  13. The Army taught my dad to be able to pee in a cup on cue in a rainstorm, under gunfire, and around other soldiers in a foxhole in the jungle. Maybe a similar experience for me will cure this and many other social fears lol.

  14. Im in a dorm room so I walk all the way to a private bathroom everytime I need to go to the bathroom long trips I dont go to the bathroom when I went to disney world I waited until we got back to the room It sucks but I had no idea with what I have is a phobia

  15. @rockyfists completely agree with you, this SUCKS. People don’t realize it, but it’s a living hell. Even in cubicles I have a lot of trouble, particularly if it’s noisy or loud, or if somebody’s waiting on me. Haven’t used a urinal in over 10 years. One time I had to pee in the woods outside of a rest station, and commonly find myself in awkward situations peeing in alley’s, etc. I wish there was a pill for this.

  16. i so have this shit…. i hate it. I’ll wait for a toilet before i use a urinal if someone else is there…. then i was 14, i got in a little bit of trouble and was put on probation. As part of being on probation you have to pee once a week, as a drug test…. and the probation officer was in the room with me…. and i couldnt go. EVERY WEEK, the same shit, i could never go when he was there….. i want to go into the military, and this is one of my conerns… huh?

  17. yeah but if we challenge ourselves to do things we are affraid of, we still have the problem

  18. I’m overtrained myself. I love wearing diapers too. I have mild to moderate incontinence AND a shy bladder.

  19. i’m doing personal coach treatment to overcome my paruresis and my socialphobia. i’m trying to go out more often, and drinking bear(holyfucking shit i love bear) and trying to go to the toilets in bars, pubs, restaurants, etc, but i cant even think of entering a public toilet here in rio de janeiro.

    i now it’s a meter of training to overcoming this, but it’s fucking hard.

  20. In Rio de Janeiro it is a fucking nightmare for a Paruresis like me.

    the public’s bathrooms are all fucked up places. no doors(or lockingdoors usually broken), no privicy, crowded places everywhere i go, no peace at all to get a piss. i wanna live in europe, the public’s toilets seems to be more reserved! =)

    no way im using urinals! i have never felt comfortable to use this shit, and this has nothing to do with paruresis. i only use cubicals.

  21. I have this problem if im in one of them public toilets where the cubicle has gaps where you can you can see peoples feet under them i am 100% sure i will not be able to go however if im in a place where the cubicle is 100% secure i will be able to go. Also if im outside and there no one else around i will be able to go. but in a club with loud music and people in the toilets there is no chance i can go

  22. esta “enfermedad” no te va a matar, si quieres ayuda pon paruresis en google, o ingresa a alguna pagina de consulta medica para averiguar mas sobre el problema…. X cierto no es una enfermedad sino un desorden de ansiedad

  23. Tusn out, my bladder shyness is to do with being overtrained. I found incontinence briefs (go ahead, call them nappies) to help quite a bit.

  24. ¡AYUDA! no se hablar ingles!!

    Esta enfermedad me esta matando!! no voy a vivir mucho creo

  25. I have had this problem for about 5 years now and it has gotten better. There are a few things that have really helped me. One thing that I know is that no one really has this problem at home. Home is your “comfort zone” and it relaxes you. PRACTICE AT HOME! Get a CD of sound effects such as baseball games, concerts, parties, loud restaurants and play it as your going to the bathroom at your house. Close your eyes and imagine your there. It helped me out a lot! Try it sometime! hope it helps

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