Tony Robbins on The Hour Inspirational life coach, Tony Robbins, is on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos.
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31. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. funny how even in his own interview, he’s asking the questions.

  2. funny how even in his own interview, he’s asing the questions.

  3. @videospaz10 no homo

  4. tony is great. But realistically who you know will always bring more clout than what you know.

    Andre was great no doubt. Both Pete and Andre in their prime were 10 times the player Fed is

  5. Holy shit tony is enormous

  6. It’s kind of funny. Andre admitted he was wearing a wig at that Wimbledon championship.

  7. well let me tell you that there is nothing tony robins give well quoted sentence that soul is permanant……everything in the world is changeable…..that is the truth……

  8. omfg look at the head comparisons.
    robbins is a true alpha male

  9. @cjsoccer09 Never been to Toronto, I see…City’s full of long, ethnic names…

  10. Tony Robbins eat you!

  11. @druso33 sounds like you have inspired criminals haha You sound so successful. Where is your next seminar? I wish there was more people like you in the world!

  12. @druso33 I would love to read your book or are you too creative to publish it? You must be bigger than tony robbins because you sound so macho. Tony is a real prick because he is a fucking legend compared to most other people! How do you get inspired? You sound so successful!

  13. @ronkoehler 4:20

    You noticed that too?

    He is a master…

    He did it so smoothly… looks like the talkshow host leader, has become… the led?

    hm… interesting…

  14. “we’re just trying to communicate[…] text, email, facebook[…] I’m not saying it’s wrong[…]”

    I am.

    It IS wrong.

    Nobody talks anymore and it pisses me off.

    I’m from a small town in Oklahoma, and lots of people don’t understand computers/have email/etc.

    at any given moment, they are 10x happier and more healthy than ANYONE in “The Woodlands, TX” where I recently moved to (it’s a well-off area in NW houston)

    Needless to say, I’m moving.

    (to Norway, oddly enough)

  15. @psychopathic16 he is

  16. everyone that is sane grab the phone of someone texting and driving and throw it out the window

    that would probably send a message.

    if we all agree to do that, the problem would go down significantly.

    One thing I do, if crossing the road on foot and i see some self-important fucking soccer mom and/or narcissistic teenager texting at a red light, i motion “turn off the phone when you are driving”

    and just stand there in front of their car for a few minutes after the light is green.

  17. They had me up till Xanax. My favorite traveling buddy.

  18. They had me up till Xanax.

  19. @druso33 You can picture me as a failure in life if you like, it actually makes me laugh that an admitted queer trolls pages of someone he hates (but has a crush on) and leaves silly comments. You are the opposite of everything charlie sheen calls WINNING.

  20. @Be4TinGyoU No, it was a typo. ” I am not a faggot.” You on the other hand, I am sure you are, since you are bitching like a fag. Second, I didn’t come looking for this prick(Tony) to inspire me. If, if, if I was a homo, I would not deny it. But sorry to disappoint you, I am not. How sad, you think that this sorry ass motherfucker (Tony) can inspire you. That means you have no brain creativity of your own, and cannot think for your self. I honestly picture you as a failure in life. How sad!

  21. @druso33 Well he inspired you enough to look him up on here and leave a comment saying you think he’s a hunk so i think you’re closer to being a faggot than i am. Also you wrote in your reply to me “I am a fag, therefore i don’t have a crush on him” which doesn’t make sense. Are you telling me that you’re a homo or something and love to gobble down big black monster cocks?

  22. @Be4TinGyoU Ahh, like I’ve said; Tony inspires “dumb fucks.” No way this arrogant prick can inspire me, no fucking way. I am a fag, therefore I don’t have a crush on him. By the way, I have inspired people, who are now in college, because I told them straight out about life, not like this motherfucker who brags about being around important people. Fuck you, next time you have something to say, make sure you comeback with an argument, and not act like a faggot!

  23. @druso33 Tony robbins inspires people…who the fuck have you ever inspired? And he isn’t even that good looking so i don’t know why you have a man crush on him.

  24. He looks like Johnny Sanchez

  25. @boboz90 – no time….

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