Tony Robbins UPW Explained – Video 1 of 3 The first of three videos looking at some of the NLP techniques used by motivational guru Tony Robbins during a live seminar. Check out more at
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26. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Why post videos explaining what people are saying. Unless your translating from one language to another, I can listen for myself. No offense, but either post the video straight, or go create your own formula.

  2. Well said waste of time

  3. It’s possible but unless you are already skilled in several areas, it would be akin to giving you a blueprint for a formula 1 car. Doing what Tony is demonstrating here is a big jump, after thousands and thousands of hours of practice.

    Start smaller. Practice evoking and anchoring states. If you want to learn how to do that, I’ve created a free anchoring course, here at forward slash howtoanchor

    Hope you enjoy.

  4. sorry don’t know – was floating on YouTube.

  5. hi anthonyavelar, thanks for the feedback and the colourful capitals 😉

    Over ANALyzing… compared to what?

    Of course not everyone is going to enjoy the stop-starts or the insights. As Tony would say “in life there are dabblers and their masters”. You choose what you want to be. In some areas you will be a master, in many others a dabbler. It’s true for all of us.

    Tony choose to master the art of communication. It’s one of the most important skills you can cultivate in your life.

  6. Obama is a great communicator and no doubt well trained in art of communication. I’ll take a look at a few of his presentations and see about making some videos.

    Natural is the best word for it. A great communicator, is able to do so much all the while appearing completely natural.

  7. Getting good with NLP is quite easy. The situation for most people is the won’t do the practice. Tony talks about “repetition being the mother of all skills” in his programs. He regularly drills in “have you done your assignments!!?”

    He knows that most folk won’t/don’t/aren’t motivated enough to do the work to get the skill. But if your interested then getting good with NLP is very achievable.

  8. Hi FLPman, thanks for your input.

    This video isn’t so much concerned with what Tony is saying is how he is using various communication processes to setup ideas, build states and trigger emotions in his listeners.

    Live with passion! 🙂

  9. Hi SatoshiBatista,

    NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. There is a thousand different definitions for it and I plan to create a short video soon.

    But for now NLP is the study of how people experience the world and can be calculated from it. In simple terms NLP is concerned with the study of human excellence and creating effective models that enable other people to achieve similar results as the person who was the exemplar. Bottom line is you can do many cool things with it!

  10. Wayy too many pauses in the first half of vid. But as usual your dissections of NLP is very very comprehensive. Too much discussion of message instead of the kinesthetic anchors, imho, though.

  11. what is nlp?

  12. Tony Robbins is pretty clear about what he talks about.. i don’t think it warrants a play by play… nothing really gained here other than overmodulated audio

  13. What amazes me about all this NLP, as a successful person myself, is that you really cannot teach it. I do all this stuff without any thought. It’s a myth that you can be what you’re not- it starts with loving others, not trying to control them.

  14. thx for this… good analysis but please adjust your sound levels and speed…very distracting

  15. thnx it helped me to understand how desperet im in comunication 🙂

  16. where i can watch this video without the explanation thing?

  17. can you send me a video or map of instructions on how to use this method or how it works

  18. Over ANALyzing much?
    Anybony know who julian from the trailer park boys is? Tony is looks just like him in his all black get up.

  19. This is a great video by Tom… it shows that he is a master of NLP
    but I still think this video is over analyzed though

  20. Self-help movement is about our individual learning process.
    Off course “All” that surrounds us it´s important for our choices, of what we want to be. All the examples and choices. I mean to be ourselves and that´s the most evaluating freedom experience we could have. To brings us new natural differentiated beings and evaluation. Try to paint as Leonardo did…or to make a theory like Einstein… I beat you have your own way to do it, and for these reasons your are a wonderful human being.

  21. Tony tells it like it is .Often times people do not try because they do not want to fail.However by not trying failure is guaranteed.

  22. they are masters of communication because they communicate with people all the time.

  23. wow that is very detailed how many years does it take to master NLP like this ?

  24. 708

  25. Where can i learn to use these techniques that Tony is using?

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