Tony Robbins UPW Explained – Video 3 of 3 The third of three videos looking at some of the NLP techniques used by motivational guru Tony Robbins during a live seminar. Check out more at

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  1. dude! normalize the fucking audio! great vid btw!

  2. He sells the state and then the solution to that state.

    The weeds in the garden phrase is a “weasel” that allows him to then of course try to install positive thinking.

  3. Masterful sales anchors.
    by the way I highly doubt tony robbins is aware of doing all of these anchors that NLPTimes observed.
    Tony is a HUGE competitor in the coaching market. Tony is by FAR a better (incredible) sales person than he is a performer or motivator/inspirationalist. He’s all sales. And he’s very good at sales.

    Next! is like RJ’s Snugglepuss metaphor. nice.

    He uses that hyperventilated state to “install” this belief of capacity into the audience (and injecting his sales).

  4. This formula seems to be
    Get Accordance
    Give permission to do a physiological change
    encourage the audience to do that change
    apply music, press play
    INJECT SAles pitch when audience is hyperventilated

    “so happy, so fulfilled” is trying
    He then just starts giving commands “put the look on your face when certain”.

    That “going for it, moving out” right hand anchor efffect is pretty precise.

  5. ppl love robbins I guess but he always strikes me as way too over stimulated..overly loud overly aggressive. like too manic.

  6. Tony Robbins has taught millions of people how to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve a state of peak performance. Tony Robbins inspired me to create my motivational website “personal-development-tv (dot) com”

  7. he also teaches from emotional recall,stories and then facts, truths covering peoples dominant modalities

  8. Music has amazing abilities totally agree.. Being a dj in a past life lol…………. I will post a link to one that is pretty powerful in a trance shifting states see what you think….. It is done by ocean lab amazing work when the video is done….. It gives you a very nice feeling inside….. makes you feel better…..

  9. music.. such a powerful tool.. I use it everyday and it truly helps

  10. … It is always an interesting conversation topic – Skeptics always say to me ‘I’ve heard it all before’ and I always respond ‘Great, so what are you doing with what you heard’ – The conversation usually goes silent at this point.
    It is not the cost of the events but the Return On Investment – To get a return – You must act on what you hear.

    One man’s hype is another man’s marketing … It needs to be that way though to rise above all the noise & inferior copycats …

  11. great comments

  12. Interesting scrutiny of his work and you only strayed from pure analysis once (“‘shoulds’ to ‘musts’ is not always preferential” according to you)
    But it was fascinating looking through the microscope at him.
    I appreciate your efforts, and Tony’s, to enlighten me! Nice work. Thank you.

  13. thats right i’m glad i came across someone eles with a brain when i tell people about tony they think i’m nuts but the real thing is is they are nuts

  14. I also did personal power, lessons in mastery (which was very good). Some of it was really good.

    UPW was pretty weird though…giving strangers back rubs, all kinds of stuff. Designed to “empower” you to go to another one of his seminars (mastery, dwd, at $5 or $10 k). Also, the forum on his website…some take action, many don’t.

    You can use whats good, But not worth so much hype.

  15. In a way, a lot of what he’s doing is giving each audience member a “test drive” of this “empowered life” vehicle and then plugs in (anchors) that buying his course will allow you to purchase that empowered life..etc. cool sales tactic/strategy!.

  16. I’d like to point out another technique i’ve seen him use; he bombards the brain with information without pause, the brain has no time to process or question anything until the very end where he………pauses, and slows down, where he inserts the essence or the main point of the speech. some question which the answer is always yes. the person will most likely so yes to the entire speech. oh and match the volume of your voice to the vid next time

  17. nice analysis, it would help to match the volume of you voice with the video so we dont have to keep switching the volume every time you pause

  18. i think you’re missing the point. he’s not selling “movements & energy.” he’s selling perspective, behavior modification, and a system for personal improvement/change. while not everyone needs his system, his methods are undeniable by the 1,000’s + of testimonials he receives on a monthly/yearly basis over the years. the feedback certainly gives some validity and sense of “certainty” to the value of his approach & system.

  19. I use to be into Tony, from 2000-2002 or 03. Went to UPW in 2002.

    I look back on it…totally insane. He has some good concepts in his books, awaken the giant. He talks about how your mind works, questions you ask yourself, etc.

    But some of it goes off into quackery…the q link pendant?!?

    People don’t need to “stand certain” when their investments are tanking or the economy goes down. He sells movements and energy, but people need information, knowledge, real things they can act on.

  20. More than anything, I dislike the cultish nature of his organization. How is the Tony Robbins organization distinguishable from cults like Scientology except Tony hasn’t filed to be a religion and get that tax exempt status? Quakery, pseudo-science, pyramid scheme, charismatic leader, fanatical followers, inner circle lingo, aggressive recruitment, ever more expensive seminars to sign up, etc. etc. You make the connection.

  21. Fact is, life coach is a rediculous concept; he offers no strategy save bad investment advice (see Wade Cook and Beardstown Ladies), truisms dressed up with mumble jumble mixed with generous portions of hyperbole; the guy did not even go to college and do you think he qualifies as a psychology expert?

  22. Yes, positive thinking (extraordinary psychology) that may lead to action (responding to challenges) is what Tony is selling. But this is also what every other motivational speaker is selling and what Tony is trying to distance himself from. He knows positive thinking has a bad rep so he positions himself as a coach, a strategist, a psychology expert.

  23. Actually Tony believes in positive thinking when it leads to action, not positive thinking as a means in and of itself. His techniques are designed to put you in a state where you will act positively. Im not sure if his program works or not, but from reading his books I would say your comments are not correct.

  24. responding to life challenges with extraordinary psychology defined as positive emotions is positive thinking. Tony Robbins tries to distance himself from positive thinking and motivation but that’s exactly what he is selling and nothing more. What kind of organization sells hope, motivation and inspiration? Religions. Think about it.

  25. This is simply AWESOME!!!!

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