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13. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. When Tony mentioned Michael Crichton’s story about lacking the motivation to write a script, I had this big orange peel smile, and peek’d up and whispered

    “Thank You God” (^_^)


    And thank you jyeesg for uploading this 🙂

  2. @HLecterPHD hahahahahah arothflmfao

  3. hes a big sob, i wouldnt want to make him mad.

  4. LOL the running is so Baywatch!

  5. dude looks like christian bale 😀

  6. Tony Is An ABSOLUTE Inspiration
    Charisma Intelligence But Most Of All Real Empathy as he’s been there seen it and done it. Patterns Programs DRIVE
    Emotion or
    E-Motion = Energy In Motion After hitting Rock Bottom Financially Tonys Get The Edge Personal Power II and The Masters Tapes John Gray Is AWESOME


  7. Hey my names mr garrison
    tony helped me to pound mr slaves tight little ass even harder

    -Ooooh jeethus criith

  8. The start was kind of Cult like.

    Brilliant man no doubt but it was kind of creepy.

  9. The opening music sounds a lot like “Natural One” by Folk Implosion. Search for it and check it out.

  10. @jkfitpro LMAO…good find

  11. is it me only who’s noticin’ that Tony is gettin’ HAWT every year is passin’!
    I wanna marry him! <3 ;p

  12. You know what would be cool? If Jim Carey played him in a movie and did a parody spin on what he is doing.

  13. @clintonskakun
    absolutely.. things like the video above can be empowering and can help you succeed but it’s all bullshit if you dont’ have it in you to change and improve

  14. Mann, I remember these commercials in the 90s!

    Btw, what the heck happened to all the late night infomercials? No more it seems.

  15. hey! I’m John Smith. Now I feel depressed in a major way. Better order this course now so I can feel better.

  16. yeah … but he’s no Tony Little!! YOu can Do IT!

  17. Anythony Robbins definitely helped me to get on the road to achieve my dreams… Remember to always follow his CANI discipline.

    Constant and neverending Improvement in your love, money, spirtual, Health and more.

    Remember its taking small actions each day and keeping a journal of your results. 🙂

    Awesome.. As Tony would say..

    Live your life with Passion!!

  18. Rbmello. u are such a wanker. fucking arsehole. u should be grateful that in this world of doom and gloom that there is someone trying to make u feel better and achieve ur potential. what he does is better than going about ur meaningless life of survival rather than really achieving something. i HATE pessimists.

  19. wtf, you don’t get rich by attending a seminar, if you don’t apply what you learn you’ve lost.

  20. Tony is cool

  21. whats so funny about it

  22. cool..

  23. with that attitude you have allready failed at life.

  24. I´ve NEVER watched one single testimony who said has turned successful or wealthy in consequence of attending Tonny´s seminar. NEVER !!! EVER !. I Dare everyone to post it !

    99,9% of people stay at the same exactly level than before attending the seminar.

  25. Can help you too by opening you mind and help you to spend money wisely.

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