TV Mind Control Memes & NLP —————————— http ——————————— This video is an overview of some of the ways the human mind is manipulated with television, and a discussion of memes and NLP.
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24. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. sorry, wasn’t listening. was just staring at the screen. what did you talk about?

  2. I swear to god, when a conspiracy video is trying to reason with people, trying to appeal to their sense of reason, to get them to adopt their theory, and they start it out with obnoxious fart-noise techno, it immediately turns me off to whatever they’re going to say. This is especially true when the subject is hypnotism and mind-control.

  3. please do a second part; loved the video.

  4. I would explain the memes section like this. You experience a deliberate manipulated event and your brain tries to learn from it but It cannot break free. After the event your body reacts because you experienced bright lights and sudden movement. The primal instinct in your brain says predator or food. Your surroundings however don’t align with this new experience causing confusion. Basically mental trauma. You become distracted now because your subconscious mind knows the event occurred.

  5. good stuf mate – one suggestion tho: try variing the tone of your voice to keep the audience engaged! apart from that exclenet video!

  6. FANTASTIC, good sir! Encore! ENCORE!!
    Hit me up, I want to know how you made that!

  7. Excellent video. I’d like the main file for play on my stream if you know of a way you can send it.

    -revolutionrequired com

  8. impeccable analysis, subscribed.

  9. Speak the truth, and the truth shall set us free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have so many things I can do I have ham radio which is very interesting I Am learning to fly one of those model helicopters Working on an old boat I sadly will never see in the water. due to England being closed down from the inside out and people stop having work done when Banks are robbing us and it is on a bigger scale then ever my god I need 4or 5 life time just to do half the thing I would love to do
    and finding out about the masons is taking up a lot of time.

  11. The #1 enemy of the state, Honorable Veterans… They get to lose their eyes, arms and legs for the wealth of the elite scum… then, denied covered by benefits…

  12. I haven’t had a TV plugged in in my house for over two years. At first you don’t know what to do with yourself – but then it is totally worth getting your brain back.

  13. I must go and tell every one I must go and tell My brainwashing was not completed I have a short I keep asking why, who, why not, and the word no keeps popping up I have stopped watching the so called news have no real need for a TV any more
    and you feel a lot happier and far less stressed I think any one who is stressed should swich off there TV and start looking for the truth of who and how our world has been run.

  14. Awesome! sounds allot better. Great info the masses need to hear. *5 stars*

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