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26. August 2011 by Admin
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  6. @yutube221 the name of the song is “return to innocence” By Enigma Album “the cross of changes” ENIGMA is my favorite band, they have amazing music

  7. Hear hear! More videos with images of pounds sterlings would LOVE that! (thank you? 🙂 )

  8. This is soooooooooo very wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. please anyone. what is the name of the native american song?? I love to know what is the indian saying or if its the same things the english speaking woman is saying? this is the beautiful truth… at least, it is for me. OH, it is soooooooooooo so so so good in my beautiful soul. iiiiiyeah o iyah iyeh. this is the return to myself return to innocense. yea lord. yes.

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  11. please tell me what is the name of this song and author. I LOVE MY SONG. it is for me. and you too if you know this!!! Thanks!

  12. bad title, great video

  13. beautiful video… most of a the soundtrack!! wow :))

  14. i luv this video alot i think its wonderful!

  15. This video speaks to me. Thanks best wishes.

  16. this video will work best when made in present tense and intead of using your future or you manifest say i manifest etc .could you please do that so that we can be beneifited by it.
    many thanks

  17. the video is best but please make it in present tense with the mages of pound sterlings.many thanks

  18. this is scary if u read this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 15 videos in 2 hours good luck hope u dont die

  19. Thanks Nad for forwarding this. I love the video and the music.
    Lol, Annie

  20. thanks, this video is so good

  21. That’s one of my favorite songs! Nice job! Check out my FREE offer.

  22. One of the best!

  23. Brilliantly put together, thank you so much.
    I love the sound track I have it, it is representative of a timeless truth.

  24. Thanks for sharing this video!

  25. Thank you for this suggestion, I’ll definitely do that the next time.

    Good luck

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