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15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I am relaxed now, thank you Richard.

  2. Thanks Richard,

    I’ve used a metronome, on and off over the years.

    your demonstration, and clarity of explanation, as usual, is great.

  3. Thanks Richard,

    I’ve used a metronome, on and off over the years.

    your demonstration, and clarity of explanation, as usual, is great.

  4. that would explain why every time I practice drums I fall asleep lol.

  5. Wow…I participated in this as soon as I got home from work tonight. I feel so heavy and calm. Amazing, thank you!

  6. The metronome immediately relaxed me when I heard it. The first click makes you anticipate the next and there is a “where is it, where is it, where is it, oh ok. Where is it, where is it, where is it ok.” Until the rhythm becomes reliable. You have then slowed your attention down to its speed. It’s that quick and easy. I’d say inside about 4 clicks.

  7. That was a great video Richard, thank you very much for uploading.

  8. I’ve just started treating patients with a theratapper for resource development and installation. I could have saved a lot of $ using my trusty metronome–very enlightening! For those of my patients who are more auditory, I may try this. Thanks.

  9. oooh, i have a metronome somewhere in this room when i bought it for my mother a million years ago, but its lost somewhere in the swamp and i probably wont find it until i buy another one!

  10. that was amazing, i felt myself relaxing while watching the metronome and i woke up feeling great.

    thanks for that.

  11. that is just about the coolest thing i have ever seen.

  12. holy crap, when he started the voice guided meditation I was in the zone so fast — It was crystal clear dewdrops on some blades of grass in Yosemite National Park in the a summer moring less than 10 seconds. amazing I’m going to get one LoL

  13. i have to say this is probably the most relaxing video i have ever seen before

  14. I didn’t listen to what he said cause I was in my favourite summerplace that my family goes to each summer (inside my mind) but when he stopped the metronome, it dissapeared

  15. That was so relaxing I almost
    forgot that I was watching the metronome
    but thanks for a great video.

  16. You’ve convinced me to buy a metronome, and without any post-hypnotic suggestion! lol, Thanks for uploading, excellent stuff!

  17. wow that was powerful I wasn’t really paying attention to what you were saying I was doing other things, then I realized that you were hypnotizing us then i closed my eyes then they instantly started fluttering

  18. Thank you Richard, for another great video!

  19. It worked great ,the conscious was distracted ..i think works like the tapping on the
    forehead , also the heart beat was slowing,,, Very nice ! 🙂

  20. Thank-you!

  21. Glad you enjoyed

  22. That was a great video, I always thought a metronome would be a nice induction method or focal point.

  23. great, informative video richard, i found it very interesting and the demonstration had me very relaxed in just a short space of time.

  24. first yes

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