Using NLP to Lose Weight

Using NLP to Lose Weight

Perhaps I know what you might be thinking: you have tried everything to lose weight, right? From the pills and potions to the killer 6 day diets to spending thousands on personal training, all to no avail, but, have you tried using neuro lingquistic programming?

May be this sounds like a bunch of psychological mumbo jumbo compared to the usual weight loss lingo but NLP (as it is called for short) can actually be pretty helpful to some in the fight to lose weight, especially if overeating or food cravings are part of the reason for you adding those extra pounds. NLP suggests that humans naturally attach certain feelings and emotions to events that have occurred in their past life. These feelings help determine how we act and react to events in our future lives. Consuming food, for instance, is one such reaction to certain trigger mechanisms we may encounter in our lives much to the dismay of our waistline.

Many of us might experience stress or depressing situations in our lives from time to time. Many of the foods we eat are often associated with good times in our past, so we often use these foods to help comfort us to feel better. Let’s say that when you were a child, you associated cookies with your mother or grandmother baking in the kitchen. Today, you may feel nothing but pleasure when eating those cookies so you continue to do so. You get fatter and more out of shape and the cycle continues. Well, you can always re-program your mind and these unhelpful associations to help break this negative cycle. Doing so may take a little time but it is possible and can definitely help stop food cravings and so lead to you eating less.

Let’s consider those same cookies we spoke about in the example above. In order to re-program those associations, you must completely clear your mind first, so take a few deep breaths and as you exhale each time, try to relax. Now, bring the thought of the cookies into your mind and while doing so, immediately begin thinking about something totally disgusting. Let’s say you hate the thought of chicken liver. Every time you think about those cookies, think about a handful of raw chicken liver. Imagine eating a handful of cookies mixed in with that chicken liver.

The more you do this, the more your brain will associate the cookies with the liver. Pretty soon, you won’t be craving those cookies quite so much. In fact, the thought of cookies might totally halt your appetite. To some, this may sound pretty drastic, but if you are overweight and at risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, or other such ailments, then this exercise may do more than just turn you away from cookies … it could even save your life.

So, think about the problems you have with food and your weight. It just might be that using the psychological techniques of NLP can help you change the way you look at food and in turn change your weight for the better. The process may take time, but the good news is that it won’t cost you a dime and it is totally safe.

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Daniel is a freelance writer. He is currently unemployed and has been for a while now since the company he worked at had to layoff lots of people, but he finds other ways to bring food to the table for his family of six.

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