Using NLP to Manage Your Business and Team

Using NLP to Manage Your Business and Team

Using NLP to Manage Your Business and Team

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not really the profits that drive the business to its longevity and success. It’s actually the people behind it. Human resource will be the greatest asset of any company. If you have a good team to back you up, you can ensure your business stays for a very long time. If your employees don’t have any unity, teamwork, or respect, you really cannot expect anything to least for even more than a year.


There are many ways to motivate your employees. You can offer them incentives or bonuses especially if they do such a great job. You can also provide them with recognition in terms of awards and certificates. You can also make use of NLP.

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. Simply put, it has something to do with the language of the mind or how it perceives the different messages it picks up, from images to sounds and words. As you know these things are processed by the conscious mind, and depending on how you look at them, your previous experiences, and observations, they can create negative or positive emotions and thoughts.


Here’s an example: If someone criticizes you, what do you feel? If you have an excellent childhood, you may simply consider this as feedback, which you can use to change your outlook or behavior. However, if you’re treated badly, you may view this as an insult, and you start to take offense. You feel insecurity creeping up inside you, and you wallow in self-pity.


One of NLP’s main goals is to not change the person but to change the behavior, especially if it’s going to be negative or detrimental to your well-being. Alongside it, you can make use of subliminal messages.


Subliminal messages are closely related to NLP, though they are more considered as something under the latter. Subliminal messages are usually referred to as auto-suggestions that are fed into your subconscious, a much deeper portion of the mind. They may come in the form of affirmations, or positive statements. Once they get fully embedded into your unconscious, it won’t be difficult for you to change thought patterns.


Using Them to Your Employees


As much as possible, you want your employees to reach their individual and group goals. You can utilize the concepts of NLP and subliminal messages to help you with that one.

First you try to determine the goals of every employee. How does it align to yours? Then you identify the challenges or blockages that could prevent them from achieving the objectives. They may be afraid to fail, or they feel they are not worthy of getting so much more in their career.


Then you apply the principles of NLP. You try to change their thought patterns. You can make them listen to subliminal messages during visualization exercises. You may also pose images of successful people around the office or posters with motivational and unity quotes.


Don’t expect to see results immediately. They don’t come overnight. Nevertheless, as long as you continue to apply NLP and subliminal messages regularly, the results won’t be too far behind.



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