Valentine’s Day Hypnosis Dating Techniques I (Self Talk) Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Steve G. Jones tells you how to get dates using the secret powers of hypnosis techniques. This is Part I and Steve discusses the hypnotic self hypnosis power of self talk. How you talk to yourself will actually hypnotize you.
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24. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I always knew if you keep convincing yourself of something you’ll begin to believe how some people eventually believe their own lies haha

  2. this stuff is pretty widely used, its one of the key thigns for success baisically going over in your ahead achieing something that you havent done yet////think you can do it and you will do it

    as sad as it may sound ive used it a lot in education so much to the point where i am actually arrogant when it comes to some of my abilities because in my head there is no one better than me …and it works

  3. Well, it’s not really hypnosis, have you ever heard “whatever the mind believes it can achieve”? well, basically, if you focus on yourself Acne-free, with great skin, and believe it will happen, it will. Make sure you focus on a positive thought though. Take what I said above and continually repeat it in your mind, believe that it will happen, no matter what, never give up on that thought, and yes it will happen. If you want to get more into this, read The Secret. Great book.

  4. hahaha “and if youre a lady, you say a man’s man” 😀 Thanks Steve this stuff is great. Question – if you anchor enough times a confident state anchor over an old not so confident anchor as a response to any life situation, will it eventually override the old anchor so that you dont have to fire the new anchor anymore? Is collapsing negative anchors a permanent change?

  5. it may be possible… you saying that made me think.. i go through like stages where i get loads then i dont.. when i dont have it.. im really confident with myself always flirting n feeling great.. then something gets me down and i start getting more self concious and i break out with acne again. at the moment im goingg good n i actually feel great.. soo may be? i dont know if it has a connection or not

  6. Wait I naturally do this anyway sometimes!!

  7. I love the way you deliver your message. This reminds me alot of “the Secret” although they dont refer to it as NLP. Im a strong believer in mental energy and how it affects our lives. I think there is alot more going on in the universe than we realize and its created by our mental energy. Thanx Steve.

  8. you, sir, are a genius!

  9. Yep, we create our reality. What we choose to entertain will in turn entertain us.Negativity will lower our vibrational state whilst positvity hightens it and subconsiousley, people read it. Our reality comes from within and is projected to all around us. Thanks Steve, great job. Im a spiritual person who can relate clearly what you are saying here. All the best mate!

  10. same as The Secret

  11. i think that if u just remember exactly all he dose and thn do it yourself to someone and i thnk that should work

  12. I too am interested in this…can you get rid of acne with hypnosis?

  13. Talk nagetive means feel nagetive,so talk nagetive ,Whatever you think,You will be

  14. A great guy!

  15. hey steve,
    ive been looking at alot of your video’s, im only 16 now but i have just found out about NLP and it’s got me hooked… im wanting to pick up a book on some NLP i was wondering if i could pick up your books at a store in Toronto Canada, i checked out your site but dont have access to a credit card for internet transactions… pm me back if you could be so kind.

  16. can u please send me a message or a video that can make me hypnotise some one else

  17. thank u steve,u are great!

  18. can u get rid of acne with hypnosis?

  19. U should make a video that when watching it u hypnotize us

  20. ye i like the way you throw in suggestions very tricky. ye with valentines coming up im thinking about the audio book.

  21. WOw, you’re the greatest… 🙂

  22. You are incredible, You have chanced my life.
    Thank you so much, Keep up the good work steve.
    P.S. I bought you book online and it’s worth every penny

  23. Hey…is steve single?? lol

  24. thats part of how i teach people to adjust their auric vibration and shift the dimension around them in order to manifest a new reality

  25. Can you send me a quick message on how to hypnotize someone else?

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