Valentine’s Day Hypnosis Dating Techniques II (NLP Anchors)

Valentine’s Day Hypnosis Dating Techniques II. Learn how to establish and fire of a resource anchor with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with Steve G. Jones
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17. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Thank you steve but mostly thank you YouTube…I have literally found everything I needed on this website 🙂

  2. Thank you for this awesome anchor, and for sharing it with us. You rock!! xxx

  3. You the man!!! Watch out Ross Jefferies…

  4. This reminds me how I met my hawt g/f on KissKnot d0t c0m

  5. is there a more discreet way of anchoring? Thanks for uploading

  6. Thanks steve, does anyone know if it is possible to anchor in a more discreet way such as holding certain fingers? would have the same effect?

  7. gracias¡ Steve

  8. i was watching this video with smile on my face 🙂 thank You for that :))

  9. Thanks Steve

  10. good man
    NLP Rocks

  11. this is great stuff man.
    I look forward to more stuff

  12. I saw another video on here, where Tony Robbins is being interviewed and you see him do this, he stacks three anchors to do to himself in this interview. Realy liking Steve.G.Jones though, I agree seems like good guy.

  13. Steve,
    Many thanks for this very useful video.

  14. this guy is the man…i mean look at all his comments not one negative statement! You know your stuff man!

  15. This is a great attitude to have whether you are practicing NLP or not. It really helps ease the mind and gives you the motivation to get things done right.

  16. i like your work man this is fantastic. i stumbled across this and i will do it tommorow! i will keep you infomed as well

  17. He looks like a good guy…

  18. great video POWER. does anyone know a video or how or a technique that you can use to influence people in doing something that they necessarily wouldnt do?

  19. amazing…thnx steve!~

  20. I dislike most nlp types but, dood, you do some good stuff right there. Nice, accessible vids.

  21. this guy looks like survivor man

  22. Very helpful. Thanks lots!

  23. anyone thats thinking of learning NLP 🙂 learn to be ask yourself all the time ‘what is my purpose right now?’ 🙂 its helped me focus and do things that are helpfull to my growth as a person.

  24. POWER!

  25. Classic!
    i love using NLP, i use it everyday, on everyone i know, can you imagine that….

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