Various Methods of Rapid Induction (hypnosis nlp hypnotize)

21. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. ….what would happen if after you said sleep u just left him there would he wake up or just sit there???

  2. @eyetolduso deleted in 42 seconds 🙂

  3. Are you doing classes in Australia again anytime soon?

  4. @53217 Check out 2:19, he tells him what he is supposed to do, his expectations are explicit.

    You could tell your subject smthing like “For this to work you have to volunteer to do 3 things #1 when I shake your hand first let your eyes close. Next give me your equilibrium so if I pull your arm you will flop forward. Finally after that just relax stay like that. Is that ok?”Then ask them to practice it, pretend. Then say “oklets do it for real, but remember to volunteer to do those 3 things.”

  5. I think I’m doing something wrong I’ve tried it 4 or 5 times and none of them worked out of those I feel like I did it right 3 out of those 5 times what do you think could be? It was on friends each time and i tried 5 different of the instant inductions.

  6. @iDRUNKbeer there are lots of tutorials (written and video) online, also lots of books on the subject, once you get the basics down, what works with who and why, you can figure out the step by step prosses to any induction or deepeners

  7. Thnx for your reply,to be honest if anyone else would say as you say I wouldnt believe …So by this method you can hypnotise anyone anywhere ?

  8. Join the speedtrance group at hypnothoughts the online hypnosis community.
    No it is not posthypnotic phenomna it is a method of inducing trance that can be used like any other trance.

  9. is rapid induction nothing more than post hypnotic phenomena ? Pls coment…

  10. LoL… I wonder if its good to be knocked out that many times in a row..

  11. …I know I’ll get a ton of thumbs down but who cares.

    It’s a freaking sausage fest. 😀

    Returning to the topic, man that is a LOT of inductions.

  12. Quite simply this subject is pre conditioned.
    He has already been induced into Hyper Suggeatability, and then given a “post suggestion to re hypnosis” in this case “Sleep” was given. The rest is, well simple. The Suggestion was given and subject went back into the last state of hypnosis.
    This is a great “depening technique”.

  13. Nice Video, Subject’s eyes were glazing “wattery” as indicated by him wiping his eyes a lot.

    You mentioned “Progresive” hypnosis which is exactly what you were doing here.

    Wake and re induce, wake and re induce.

    I bet this guy left feeling great! I bet he got a good night sleep too.

    Thanks, this is a great vid…

  14. Sorry if im sounding simple, but can anyone post a step by step comment on how this is done.

  15. It is subjects, NLP is science fact. Thats why its called neuro-linguistic programming, thats why you have to learn the science of the mind. In science you refer to people in the personal application of science as a subject when doing an experiment.

  16. Hahaha..

  17. I don’t quite understand in what context you said that.

  18. Ohhh please!!!

    Your an idiot if you believe that.

  19. lol , relax , no one gets stuck in hypnosis , by your comment i know you don’t know how to do a pretalk , before actually inducing them in a trance you have to do a pretalk (telling them it’s gonna be ok , they’re gonna feel great , there’s nothing to fear , any1 can be hypnotized , they’d never do anything they normally wouldn’t etc) ….you can’t hypnotize people without a pretalk or some convincers

  20. But hey… how can i assure that the person i am inducting it’s going to awake when i tell him so?

  21. that guy’s mind must be spinning after all those inductions.

  22. so do u have to get them really relaxed?

  23. I am neithr a fake jamaican or hypnotist. I walk into bars, nightclubs, schools and hypnotize hundreds of people i have never met in from of therir friends. People come to my office and pay me all the time to hypnotize them. If it were fake they would ask for their money back in the office, and tell their freinds itr was fake after a stage show.

  24. Both

  25. That why we post this stuff! Glad to be of help

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