*Verbal* Emotional *Abuse* Master Manipulators What Yr Therapist Needs To Know Domestic Violence

beyourbrilliantbest.com verbal abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, psychological abuse, NLP Enza has a specialty interest in the study and understanding of toxic, abusive and dysfunctional behaviours and dynamics, and how they affect individuals, their relationship with themselves and others. She has an in-depth knowledge, study and experience on the subject of toxic relationships, verbal abuse and abuse dynamics. Enza utilises the conventional characteristics of mainstream psychology as well as the unique perceptive observation of NLP techniques to create shifts and changes in situational dynamics. Combining all of these techniques propels changes and outcomes. Have you ever been with someone, they’ve told you that they care about you and then said or have done something that literally made you feel uneasy, get a sick feeling in your stomach, but not knowing why you were reacting to them like that? Well, you may have been exposed to a toxic/abusive behaviour or comment. If left unaddressed being around people like this can lower your self esteem, make you doubt yourself and abilities, cause confusion, pain, no motivation. Understanding the signs of toxic and abusive behaviour, and then knowing how to respond or remove yourself from it, is one of the most empowering situational behaviour awareness tools to have. Becoming empowered and aware of how you feel and how others behave is key to healing. With that awareness you then need some strategies to get over the

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  1. Hi again, I also believe there is a lack of education regarding these dynamics that needs to be made more mainstream. Kind regards Enza

  2. Hello, thank you for your comments, support and feedback, they are much appreciated. In my observations there seems to be more and more of this type of negative behaviour prevalent in our society. Our media (TV, soaps, films) etc., also encourage and glamorise these types of behaviours and wonder if it’s not conditioning people to either behave in this way or accept these abnormal behaviours.

  3. It is not a new phenomena, but it seems to be one that is growing, as witnessed by the varied news stories you can tune into every night of some dysfunctional behaviour and act done to harm another etc. I believe it has been acknowledged before however I also believe there is more of it in today’s society for the reasons mentioned above. Our society as a whole is being attacked and destroyed by a lack of moral and compassionate standards that aren’t as common as they were 20 years ago.

  4. excellent video Enza. you seem to really understand the issue of emotional abuse quite thoroughly. I am curious just how widespread do you think this problem is and if you think this is a relatively new and growing phenomenon in society, or if this is just something that has never been acknowledged before. Thank you for all your help and videos!!

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