WeAreChange Chicago confronts Globalist Scum Al Gore

I couldn’t help myself. I just had to re-upload this. “The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.” –Mikhail Gorbachev “Al Gore was easy for the Council because I believe he is a robot like me.” Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind control slave by Brice Taylor p253 [2007 Professor Richard Lindzen interview] Relax, the Planet is Fine (Exposing the Global Warming Hoax) Before he died, Roger Revelle co-authored a popular paper saying, ‘We know too little to take any action based on global warming. If we take any action it should be an action that we can justify completely without global warming.’ And Gore’s staffers tried to have his name posthumously removed from that paper claiming he had been senile. And one of the other authors took it to court and won. It’s funny how little coverage that got………….. I think he’s either cynical or crazy. But he has certainly cashed in on something. And ‘cash in’ is the word. The movie has cleared -million. He charges 0000-0000 a lecture. He’s co-founder of Global Investment Management, which invests in solar and wind and so on. So he is literally shilling for his own companies. And he’s on the on the board of Lehman Brothers who want to be the primary brokerage for emission permits. Alexander is a friend of Vice President Al Gore Jnr, their relationship dating back to 1983 when Gore was in Alexander’s Neuro
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  1. @niverent Obviously you didn’t watch the video because the whole global warming scheme is for a carbon tax and population reduction under a centralized world government, and by the way, you know how much oil reserves are in the USA? More than the middle east ever had, all theyre doing right now is exhausting their oil supply, destabilizing, and overthrowing dictators who refuse to enter into world government . google liberty rig, its the largest oil rig in history, ready to go into alaska.

  2. cancer gate …

  3. There is consensus on the science you fucking morons. Don’t you idiots get that the same people that did 911 are the same people that are funding oil company scientists to come up with opposing views to introduce doubt. 911 = inside job to get oil. Climate Change doubt = oil company studies so that public doesn’t demand green energy.

  4. Over 4 Million members benaughtyman.info

  5. @lmankj. It has nothing to do with Obamatrons. Notice that none of these guys actually quote any real peer reviewed research to debate with? Gee….that should be your 1st clue that they’ve got nothing to debate Al Gore with.

  6. These idiots keep on clammering about “climate gate” & the 31,000 scientists. Anybody w/a brain knows what happened w/the emails. They’ve been debunked as well as the “supposed” 31,000 scientists. Those supposed scientists weren’t even Climate scientists. Math teachers & the lot. Anything these neo-con driven morons can grab onto they use to try to advance the position of the big oil, big coal and nuclear energy companies. Get real. Even Bill O’reilly is on board w/man induced warming. Dumbasses

  7. These immature cretins protesting at the bookstore have low IQs and sixth grade reasoning

  8. @JuggalocodeChile1988 Therefore global warming is a lie and al gore wants YOUR TAX MONEY AGAINST YOU!! WAKE UP!!

  9. I heard that scum wants carbon taxes. PLANTS NEED CO2 GAS JUST LIKE HUMANS NEED OXYGEN!!!

  10. Thumbs up if you want to bitch slap that dip-shit talking to Gore in the beginning.

  11. @lmankj I have hope in a America. These guys are fantastic. Al Gore has that when you want supress the truth you must have the total power. I hope these guys have success. This is the only hope that freedom survives.

  12. What an outstanding book signing! Imagine if this went on at Gore’s every speech and ever book signing. His entire fairytale would be ruined.

    I adore freedom of speech. 🙂

  13. wow. wish I was there to yell at him too. That looked like fun. =)

  14. very true. also, stop screaming “first amendmant rights”. You do not have a right to scream at the top of your lungs on private property. Borders, or whatever book store they were at, had a right to escort whom ever they want off of their property. htat’s their right. your first amendment right protects you from your government, not a chain book store.

  15. acting like crazy guys is not helping people

  16. Keep up the good fight against globallized fascism, guys.

  17. global warming is caused by sun spots not people, search chip tatum in youtube,worked for the cia for 25years before taking them to court for coke trafficing,said this is how the new world order would be pushed through back in 1996 before no one ever saw him again.

  18. don’t buy the book…

  19. You’re right. I’ve heard this fraudster say that too!

  20. Wow, totally cool vid. Nice to see there are some young people in Ohio that are not Obamtrons who think for themeselves and are willing to put it all on the line for truth!! Yeah!

  21. dude i here some alien in his voice

  22. lol great video!

  23. He´s lost alot of weight.

  24. Gore doesn’t know a thing about science, even I know the interior of the earth isn’t several million degrees.

  25. LOL!

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