Weight Loss Hypnosis

www.hypnosismarketplace.com Begin to be thin is a deeply relaxing hypnotic trance recording that provides the listener with the opportunity to visualize yourself at your future goal weight in a very positive way. Suggestions are provided for eating when you are truly hungry, eating more consciously and taking the time to taste each bite of food. This process allows you to detect when you are beginning to get full so you know when to stop eating before over consuming. The principle here is that if you are not eating because you are truly hungry then you are eating to change the way you feel! However, using food to change the way you feel is never an effective way to feel better and sometimes (after consuming something you wish you didnt) it may even make you feel worse! This very relaxing recording can be used repeatedly to re-enforce your weight loss goals and help you keep on target and on focus. It will also work well in conjunction with other programs including Paul Mckennas I can make you thin a book that uses NLP techniques to help you achieve your weight loss goals (check our book section).
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