What Is NLP with Chris Collingwood

Inspiritive’s Chris Collingwood describes Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); the technology of cultural, corporate and personal change.

29. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Noah,
    Thank you for your questions. I will answer some of your questions shortly. Keep in mind that there is a 500 character limit for comments on youtube. Some of your questions can be found in the book Whispering in the Wind.
    Chris Collingwood

  2. A good, clear plain and simple English guide to NLP, which has been a real help in my life so far. Well done Chris.

  3. An easy to understand plain English description of NLP. And a contrast to the good “highly academic” descriptions or the tragic “NLP can walk on water” descriptions.

  4. good succinct definition linking paterns to modelling to excellence … I hope more people get to understand this more sober and grounded view of NLP in contrast to the snake-oil around that does little more than give NLP a bad name.

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