“What should I consider when choosing an NLP training?”

tinyurl.com “What should I consider when choosing an NLP training?” – Learn the top 6 things to assess before you choose to pick an NLP training program. For more free nlp resources visit www.nlptimes.com
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26. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. This is fantastic advice. I have been a master trainer for 15 years. 10 spent in an office doing one on one sessions. I consider most trainers a joke. This video was concise and well thought out. This is a serious trainer will integrity. But take his advice and don’t just decide on him as a trainer now because you know you can do that look around and see what you need to before choosing him. Some trainers are dim and some are bright, like this guy. He is good.

  2. Hi stellarshore, all depends on how you measure expensive – some trainers offer courses for 10,000 USD/GBP. 10K is cheap if what you learn will help you make 20K or more or benefit your life in some significant way. For example if you always had a fear of dogs/travelling on the underground/ or find it difficult to get on socially with others 3K is cheap to have those problems solved. Ultimately even if it takes a while to get funds together studying NLP is a worthwhile investment for many.

  3. Michael is one of the best out there. He’s developed some very cool tools and excels if you are looking to learn NLP for business context.

  4. I have attended Michael Breen’s NLP anchoring, what do you think about him?

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