When Good Relationships Go Bad

www.andywhiteheadexc.com The quality of our relationships with other people has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Romantic partners, work colleagues, family members, the person behind the counter when you buy groceries – they’re all relationships, & NLP can help you to make them more satisfying, less stressful, & a genuine source of positive energy & support for your other goals. Whether you want to find a romantic partner, enhance or change an existing relationship, or improve your work relationships, NLP techniques, tips & attitudes can help you have the relationships you desire. In order to bring about lasting results, the material needs to be integrated into the internal processes of the mind – the subconscious mind. By internal processes, I mean, what you see, hear and feel internally prior to, during and after an activity. By paying attention and pattern interrupting these often unconscious processes, you can achieve your desired behavior with far less effort and willpower. An example For instance, you feel anger when you see your spouse watching TV instead of talking about each other’s day. What do you see, hear or feel in your mind, before you start to lose your cool? You see your spouse watching TV (visual trigger). You might see in your mind, images of all the historical inconsiderate acts of your spouse. Then you might tell yourself “I know it, he’ll always be inconsiderate. He’ll never change.”. Then you might feel a constriction in your chest, as you
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  1. “myself”? i don’t even know who myself is. As far far as im concerned, probably a boring person at its core

  2. For me, just be yourself, take it or leave it ;D

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