Why Criticism Feels Bad – Abraham Hicks 2004

www.facebook.com – add me as a friend on Facebook! I’m always on the look out for material that is especially poignant for people who are new to the Law of Attraction, and I think this one fits the bill! We’re socialized from small children to misread our feelings, at least according to the Law of Attraction. This excerpt has Esther Hicks / Abraham explaining why someone else’s criticism of us feels bad, and how we can turn the thoughts around in our head so we don’t feel bad when someone criticizes us in the future. abraham hicks, jerry hicks, esther hicks, abraham, criticism, relationships, love, neurolinguistic programming, nlp, relationship tips, advice, verbal abuse

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  1. @darisdawn there’s the old saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear 🙂 I’m also finding the opposite is true: when the teacher is ready, the student appears. But then there’s the dichotomy of how a teacher learns more from his/her students than from mere study… so maybe it’s just the first saying is true, and covers all? 🙂

  2. Excellent! Great insight into what makes a Wise Teacher and attracting those that are ready for you (beginning at 7:36).

  3. Loved this … how much richer my life is since being introduced to Abraham. Thanks very much Val this is just perfect

  4. Brilliant perspective.

  5. perfect! this came right on time! thank you so much!

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