Why Does NLP Coaching Work for You and Tony Robbins use it?

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  1. Really interesting and motivating! I imagine you’re not doing the free sessions at this phase, but I’ll be having a look at your site for sure.

  2. i want to feel free…whats stoping me? anxity! simple but none the less it stops me.

  3. @SKTPSY How do you know its a cult???? wtf?? i thought it was really inspirational…???? im so confused..

  4. @Shuggie41144 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Great video!

  6. Good information. What a shame you get so many derisive comments.

  7. is he hanging upside down by his feet?? must be from aus

  8. Out of these tips, what action did you take to help you now?

  9. Woof woof

  10. Wooaaaaaaahhhhh! I want to not feel sea sick watching this. Good tips, though.

  11. was your dog holding the camera?

  12. Ur tone sounds patronising

  13. The backbround is bad.. but.. you have a good voice, it is inspirational. good job

  14. Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    well from what i understand, the pills increase your metabolic rate, therefore increasing the amount of calories your burning. does the same thing as street drugs like speed… thast why you see alot of thin tweakers.

  15. stay still man! you’re making me dizzy!

  16. Background makes me see sick

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