Why you should Master NLP

At our introductory seminar, I share exactly what one will learn when one comes to our NLP Master Practitioner Training Course. Make a huge change in your life and learn the skills of NLP

22. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Excellent!!

  2. @dewzs just read some of the books. You will learn something.

  3. You’re obiously not doing it right, I use NLP all the time and It does work. I didn’t pay for any of the books though, I just borrow copies from friends.

  4. NLP promisses you’ll change you life, and your wallet $5000. Cult. Waste of time!

  5. this guy knows what he’s talking about!

  6. That is most interesting and well done. During my lifetime, I have ‘caught’ numerous individuals, especially those in the current educational establishment, use doublespeak techniques against those who would dare to live honorably and simply tell the truth. Average American citizens ought to delve more into how NLP works. Psychic manipulation (warfare) seems to be a serious problem for the United States.

  7. People people people think for one minute the media does this all the time just like the infomercials Think for yourself

  8. you guys have very similar names, lol. you’re totally the same person.

  9. This Guy is Awesome! Go See him and buy his book!

    Be a RockStar in Your Life,
    Dr Dan

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