WRC Portugal 2010 – Lancia Stratos [HD]

BP classic rally SS stage
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21. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. HAAahahah Go on my Sons !!!

  2. dank hd wissen wir jetzt auch das der stratos aus saarlouis kommt…

  3. two of my all time fave cars 😀

  4. @jasonp1971 hahahah you can me both Jason

  5. faulty break light ill give them £500 for it,,, in my dreams,.

  6. @typhoon5000 The Stratos was amazing. So loud you can still hear it when it left around the back of the circut. Love the MKII but in different ways

  7. @typhoon5000 Correction: MKII Escort

  8. A Stratos vs MKI Escort! this video is full of so much WIN!!

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