Yoga For Athletes : Winner Consciousness Quantum Mind Events more videos video library: Cricket Golf Yoga: How To Make Right Decisions Quickly Quantum Mind Event: 2-Day ‘New Year’ Intensive “The Quantum Mind will put you in the probability domain where you will feel that everything is possible. I am here to teach you can acquire anything and everything you want by getting into the subtlest level of the mind, the Quantum Mind”,says Dr. Pillai. Quantum Mind is… A mind at the quantum level where matter and energy collapse A mind with the speed and subtlety of a sub-atomic particle A mind with tremendous energy and potential A mind with unlimited possibilities of creation A mind with infinite flexibility and freedom A mind at its highest level of intelligence Like to acquire a New Mind in the city of New York during the start of the New Year? Join Dr. Pillai as he installs in your consciousness the new ‘Spiritual Technology for the Golden Age’. Thoughts become Things Vedas, the ancient texts of India, proclaim the truth, “Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati” (Sanskrit; You become as you think). The following well-known statements reflect this: Cogito ergo sum (Latin; I think, therefore I am) “You are the creator of your own reality.” “Your mind creates matter.” “You control your own destiny.” Now, it is possible to practically experience the power and tap the possibilities of these statements to create what you want — money, job, home, love, and peace of mind
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