ZAP – (Book and DVD) by Hon Wong and Gordon Fang-Wong

CLICK to Learn ZAP: Zap (Book and DVD) by Hon Wong, Gordon Fang-Wong, and Jay Noblezada The World’s Fastest Hypnotic Induction The Effect WARNING: A psychotherapist license may be necessary to have the right to use this type of technique in some states. Never attempt to entrance people without previous agreement on their part. Do not try The Zap without first being fully trained and supervised. You must be 21 to purchase Zap DVD. PLEASE NOTE: The information on this DVD is not for everybody. This is a course for serious performers who wish to add rapid hypnotic induction to their performances. The DVD is priced to keep the information exclusive. Can you Zap? Zapping is a type of “hypnotic induction” that utilizes techniques developed by Master Hypnotist Hon Wong and his son Gordon Fang-Wong. Hon and Gordon teamed up with Jay Noblezada to further refine the technique. Sought out by many of today’s top hypnotists and NLP practitioners, The Zap is the fastest induction ever created. The Zap enables the performer to perform an instant induction on a total stranger within 30 seconds of meeting. There’s no lengthy pre-talk, music, or lights. This is a hypnosis in its purest form. Imagine shaking someone’s hand and watching them hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, HYPNOTIZED! This process has been tested, perfected and kept secret for years! How fast? Read this: Many hypnotists will claim to be “the world’s fastest”, but they don’t start keeping track
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15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. when you say a word will they do it for example if you say jump will they do it?

  2. that is genius im getting this !

  3. aaa nada en español !!
    creo que tendré que aprender ingles

  4. is this magic? 0or hypnotism?

  5. Despite the controversy this is a solid product… I bought it and love the techniques!

  6. Yes it is real, and if done properly I am told very much impromptu.

  7. is this real? and if it is it impromtu

  8. so if i do exactly what you do to him ill be able to hypnotize someone just like that??

  9. You guys are who my friend Joe Riggs speaks about, right? I’ve known Joe since he was a teen, he’s turned out to be a great pupil, amazed me all the way around! Thanks for sharing this, Joe is using this wonderfully to help others:)

  10. ikr totally

  11. Jay’s hair is disgusting

  12. whats a rapport?

  13. Hi Friends,

    I have had emails and PMs by Hypnotist from around the World “Telling” me how they are Faster and Better than Gordon and I.

    I reply by telling them, “They probably are Better and Faster?” “Would They Please post their Video of Real World Conditions of Meeting a Stranger and Hypnotizing them…not in their Shows or Workshops.”


    They Simply Do Not Reply?

    Hon Wong
    Developer of Zap

    “Do Not Be Bitter, Be Better.”
    -Hon Wong-

  14. I’ll ask you… How do you know?

  15. 100% right…He seems to target children…look at the videos except for Jay (his whore) all performers are under 21…well then again there is his son.

  16. Too bad Penguin Magic sales for this are in the toilet….0 sold in 30 days !

    Ask me how I know 🙂

  17. yet so sad of you to think so.
    think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree.

  18. Yet,

  19. i dont think so.
    thats a stupid thing to say.

  20. Yes, they want to slap me because My Students are Now Faster and Better than they are.

  21. People that sell competing hypnosis products are now very angry that my new Zap students are much faster than they are and is doing everything they can to keep people away from Zap. Do a search here on YouTube for “Hon Wong Zap” and you will find new Zap students faster than every hypnosis guru on the Planet.

  22. ive never had to worry about mirroring.
    thats better in an office setting, for therapy say.
    on stage and in the street, you wont need it.

    but rapport you do, along with knowing how to deepen the trance quickly…

  23. One must understand the psychology which includes going in depth with concepts such as anchoring, what rapport is and techniques for gaining rapport.

    Other things needs to be covered such as mirroring, etc. etc. I understand that the product was made to just teach an instant induction and more or less nothing else but inductions are just a small part of hypnosis and before any inductions should be taught, the basics needs to be taught IN DETAIL.

  24. First off, you can’t teach Zap without going thoroughly into the details of how hypnosis works and why it works. You can’t sum it up as “If you play the part, it will work, just follow these technical instructions we provide you.” You can’t learn hypnosis like that.

  25. It only provides you with a SKELETON of hypnosis. What this product provides is one induction method along with VERY basic wording.

    It’s a below mediocre product. You can tell that they are very serious about Zap being a target for liability which explains why the majority of the DVD/booklet is spent with safety precautions.

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