Ziggy Eichhorst of Newswatch Magazine Loves The New World Order and Hates Alex Jones!

Blogtalk Radio host invites YOU to search ‘Ziggy Eichhorst’! *(Also known as one of the first-ever, {openly confirmed by his own words} CLERGY RESPONSE TEAM preachers to be heard/viewed on the internet!) Members of the Newswatch Magazine/Church of God Evangelistic Association congregation (who are AVID Alex Jones fans) attempted to call him out on this CRAP that he “preaches”, and were thrown out of church over it! (Oh yeah, and they were the DAUGHTER & son-in-law of the founder of Newswatch Magazine, and head pastor of the church, David J. Smith! Since being thrown out, Smith’s daughter & son-in-law have discovered a MUCH deeper conspiracy involving Eichhorst & his REAL boss, Asst. Minister, Richard Goff! It involves a plan that any NWO elitist wishes they would have thought of first! These men specifically moved to Texas with the purpose of infiltrating Smith’s church and organization, gaining the trust of it’s members, and slowly taking it down from within. They have been using Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, verbal hypnosis, and other means to subdue and control Smith—like their very own “Manchurian Candidate”! (They also use these VERY subtle techniques on the unknowing and unwilling congregation.) It’s a BIG ‘red pill’ to swallow, at first…but there has been enough evidence gathered, and enough testimony given that this ‘rabbit hole’ is about to get blown WIDE OPEN! God be with those who have fallen victim to these evil men, and their evil schemes!

06. July 2011 by Admin
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